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    How to clean Cherry MX Red switches?

    A couple of days ago I spilled ice cream on my keyboard (facepalm) and took off all the keys and cleaned it, however it seems that some got inside the switch on the M key and now it is hard to press down and comes up very slowly.

    Does anyone know how I can clean it out so it doesn't stick anymore?

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    Rubbing alcohol should do the trick!
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    Take the caps off the keys.

    get a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (99% ethanol).

    Stand the keyboard keys facing up in the sink and make sure the alcohol gets into the switches (press them repeatedly for example.

    now you can either rinse with distilled water (not deionized water, that still contains salts) or more alcohol.

    Let it dry completely. I let my K90 dry for a week with packets of "do not eat" around it when I spilled apple juice on it.

    Oh yeah, don't smoke while doing this
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