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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Seroisly, if you hadn't written it directly, I would have been at a loss.
    Even after you write it, I still don't think it looks a dick. It just looks like.... Hm.. Floor tiles...
    alot of people want to see dicks and tits in everyting. looks like floor tiles to me to. but i got more and more feeling i'm not normal:P

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    Nothing special in that sorry.

    Its true that people see what they want to see where they want to see it.

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    This is the best example that people see what they want to see. I will never notice it if you do'nt point it out. lol

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    I liked the part where they put a dong on the floor tiles. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsieuRoberts View Post
    That needs to be a MEME ASAP !

    OT: They gave Bikini armor for females and gave the best looking female model to
    A zombie queen and 2 dragon aspects .... Yeah Blizz isn't perverted ..Oh wait

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    There's too much condescending bullshit in this thread.

    It looks like a dick, you noticed it too, get over it. You don't have to thrust your 'You're immature/depraved/perverted/subhuman if you noticed that' crap on people willing to have a laugh.

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    Mines bigger...

    I have a 32inch Screen

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    So, this excites you, OP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itsredd View Post
    So, this excites you, OP?

    More seriously, not quite but i still think its funny that they either didn't catch it or that they would do it on purpose.

    Also, my apologies if it was a repost, there so much stuff in this board its rather hard to browse for something that vague hehe.

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    Reminds me of Deathwings Dick in the Badlands...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahvanar View Post

    honestly could not believe it...

    It's just your own perverted mind. It actually looked like a throne to me.

    You have a problem if you're seeing penises everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaramon View Post
    Goddamnit people, this is why we can't have nice things.

    I bet you're gonna run off to the official forums being offended and crying, and they will be like OKAY SORRY and redo the floor, waste more time, shut down the servers to implement the change just to please your pervert eyes who spotted that in the first place.

    No one is disturbed. It's tiles on the floor.
    Overreaction of the year.

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    this probably has a deep lore explanation:

    ToES was built by the mogu using pandaren slaves. those slaves used to be tortured and beaten to guarantee obedience. one day a pandaren slave was probably pissed off because the mogu were whipping him too much, so he decided to do this practical joke on his masters. the mogu were so stupid they never noticed it.
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Seroisly, if you hadn't written it directly, I would have been at a loss.
    Even after you write it, I still don't think it looks a dick. It just looks like.... Hm.. Floor tiles...
    Exactly my thoughts.

    Spent few minutes looking at it, then gave up and read replies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Metzlsepp-Antonidas
    Meanwhile ...

    Nomi opens up a new kitchen in Darnassus.

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    I thought it was like two figures kissing and I didn't get why it was so disturbing. Luckily a comment pointed it out, and damn you have really had to WANT it to be a dick if that's what you first saw in it.

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    I feel abused..

    No really, who the fuck cares? I think it’s fun that they put such a thing in the game at all. You would have to be a 10 year old girl to feel disturbed about that.

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    There's a tree in Duskwood that looks like a penis as well.
    If what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Then I should be a god by now.

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    ITT: People who see dicks and people who see dicks but act like they are to mature to see a dick so they say it looks like something else and then call other immature.

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    same thing in dragon soul, the ground in front of wyrmrest temple inside of the instance looks like a lot of penises ^^

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    I blame Xelnath.

    ..but seriously, every time you see this.. should recognize it represents a phallus.
    "When i am done with you, you won't trust your own mind."

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