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    alot of people want to see dicks and tits in everyting. looks like floor tiles to me to. but i got more and more feeling i'm not normal:P
    I agree people see what they wanna see be it boobs dicks or images of jesus.
    Hell sometimes I get really stoned and start trying to find random images on the plaster coating my walls.

    That said I had no interest in seeing a dick and it is pretty obvious an artist put some effort into designing that as it's not an illusion.
    Though I could see some interesting nicknames popping up for that room I also don't doubt someone will inform blizzard and it will be fixed before going live.

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    omg i am so disturbed i dotn think i can sleep tonight. ill be thinking about dix all night

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    You really don't get it do you? What it represents is the value we assert to it. Do you think that driving an Autobahn is somehow some kind of ritual to commemorate Hitler? Carrying Livestrong bracelet indicates you support doping? Right, now, I'm not American, and for me this building's shape is an implementation of symbol is just another obelisk which is a symbol which in ancient civilizations (not only Egypt) represents originally the phallus. My implementing the design, the refers to it. I would suggest George Washington was intelligent enough to realize this simple information (which one learns in my country in history class when 10 years old) about architecture/history.
    Even if the ancients did give their architecture that connotation, which I remain unconvinced they did - and I really don't care what you got shoveled into your head in the third grade - those connotations are not the default meaning used by modern developers. The city of Washington D.C. and all of its monuments were designed the way they were because the architects wanted to evoke ancient civilizations like Greece, Rome, and Egypt, not because of what the gods occasionally did with themselves but because the philosophical wisdom of those civilizations was used as the basis for the nation's founding principles.

    And if George Washington were aware of what the original symbolism of an obelisk was - being that if it was indeed supposed to be a phallus it would have been the squarest, pointiest one to ever exist - if he was, and he wasn't in fact dead when they started commissioning an architect to design the thing, he would almost certainly have vetoed it. Angrily. And if anyone else on the several committees that went into its design caught on, they would have gone with the original design as a pedestal for an equestrian statue. And if the public had thought that that was what it was, they would have most likely torn it down themselves, and ridden everyone involved out of town on a rail.

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    What am I suppose to see? A butterfly? The empire state building? The invasion plans for Operation Overlord?
    They ask me why I'm bringin' - A baby into battle - That's really irresponsible - And getting them rattled
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    This is not even close to new, and it was closed before. Nothing really to see here, it's just a coincidence.

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