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    Cool Reforge Help

    Hello I was wondering if doing everything that has me do is better than reforging another way. My toons name is Xzeul so you can look him up on wow. My mastery is good and my haste is high but my hit is low so any advice would be great.

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    I'm not sure about what you are trying to say, but I would recommend you to read some good post about it.

    Also, use wowreforge

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    Well I was just not sure about my hit being so low right now my hit is at + 7.51% my haste is +14.15% and my mastery is at 65.79% I was wondering since I have 6015 into haste and I'm over the 4717 haste break point if I should reforge into hit a little more??

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    7.15% hit...You are using askmrrobot no ? If yes, stop that.

    Never drop below 12%.

    I would recommend you this post :
    You will find your answers

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    I like to use 15% hit cap ( or at least 14.8+ ) because I can't handle miss a haunt or SB:SS does not apply all 3 dots. It's just a pain.

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    download sim client if you truly want to maximize your dps.

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    At your ilvl, you should have no issue hitting the 4717 haste breakpoint.

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    Mexsin, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. I know that hit cap is still hotly debated for affliction locks. Well, we have a setting for people who want to take the hit cap approach. If you click on the stat weight drop down box (right above your gear list), you'll see a preset for getting close to the hit cap. I already selected it for you on this saved profile. If you want to ensure that you are hit capped, you can open the options menu, and check 'force hit cap' at the bottom. That will get you fully hit capped, like on this profile.

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    What you want first is to get +- 14.8% hit cap.
    15% = 5100 hit if that helps you out.

    After that you want to cap your haste, i know stat prios might say Mastery > haste,
    but the results are there when you reach a haste cap that you get extra ticks from dots.
    As said above 4717 is one of the breakpoints.

    The way i see it:

    Ilvl < 480 :
    15% hit
    4198 haste (+-10%)

    Ilvl > 480 :
    15% hit
    4717 haste (11,xx%)
    mastery crit

    When you are close to BiS or Ilvl 500 like i am there is another haste cap.
    +- 15%.

    Personally i'd download Simcraft, freeware and run it with your own
    profile. Best way to see stat priorities but the ones pointed out above
    should work pretty well for everyone.

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    I'm at 494 ilvl now and simcraft still insists that 4198 is the better option. It's not a huge loss to go up to 4717 by any means, but it's still a loss:

    My stats atm are 5019 hit, 4198 haste and 7902 mastery.
    Dunno how much simcraft can be trusted though, when it thinks more hit is equal to more haste?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talimar View Post
    Dunno how much simcraft can be trusted though
    Ding ding ding

    Simcraft is pretty much at the worst it's been for warlocks currently.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoopercat View Post
    Mexsin, I'm from Ask Mr.
    Hitcap isn't hotly debated and even then, I do find it humorous that the base sim for AMR has the average profile going down to 6-7% hit. The item upgrades / bis lists are also terribly off. Use wowreforge OP after obtaining your stat weights.
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