just stumbeled upon this thread "dont want to read tactics", which got me thinking.
When reading this try to free your mind of existing structures in wow, give em thoughts a chance.

At first, why do we play games?
As i see it, we humans did such a good job on optimizing workflows that care about our most needs, so we got free time on our hands. To kill some of this free time and to enjoy fun and alike we play games.

So why the heck do we even optimize our time ingame to an extend that we need less time to do the stuff than we want to play the game? That wouldnt be a problem tho if we wouldnt call out "boring, nothing to do" as an effort of our optimization.

Same goes for daily chores as even raids. If 10 or 25 people decide to play e.G. 9 hours together a week (3 raid days per 3 hours), why should they try to finish all bosses in 1 day?
Cool do it once, just to see if you are able to is fine. But i dont really push for needing less time, only to end up having to search another game i like.

Now to the bosses themselves. I know when i read tactics, view videos and use all the ressources of information available i can spare my raid time. Even massive time if everyone does. And once again we spare time when all we came for actually is killing time. Additionally we loose out on quite some aspects of the game.
We aint gonna be explorers, we aint gonna be surprised on stuff the boss does, no more "WTF really???"-faces, just plain robots trying to follow a strat we were assigned.
No more "well it really hurts us when the boss does X, can we do Y to overcome this? Or maybe someone has Idea Z?"-discussions. Just an analysis where we went wrong according to our given tactic. Sure in the end you have a look how others are doing it when you just cant down it, but why start off like this?

Sure if you aim for realmfirsts you dont have the time to play it slow or how you like but i guess it is not 10% of players that takes part in that race.

Wha do you guys/ladies think about it?