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    I wonder if they'd ban non-bots for doing this...
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    tonight: 30 pallies in hol
    49+ hunters in shattered halls
    still 0 in kara

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    I wonder if they'd ban non-bots for doing this...
    Why would they. It is just farming.
    Why does Ghostcrawler hate paladins?
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    A ret paladin killed his parents.

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    A crap ton. Protip: Camp at the entrance and farm some easy honor (and annoy the chinese hackers) Cross realm zones = 30x more than what's inside the instance.

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    49 + Hunters in Shattered Halls on Illidan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    You know what botting is right?
    You leave your computer on while you do other things.
    Doesn't really matter how efficient it is (the fact that there is so much abuse of it shows that it is fairly efficient), you're still getting essentially free money.
    Even if you made like 1k a run, 5k/hr - that's 120k for 24 hours. How often does Blizzard ban? weeks? months?
    You don't know what opportunity costs is, right?
    Just because you don't have to do it manually doesn't mean it's free money. Very far from it, actually.

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    As someone mentioned in another thread about this... The lvl 80 hunters are probably all on hacked, inactive accounts and the character created with a scroll - lasts 7 days. This spamming about banning n' shit wont do to much unless they start keeping track of everyone creating hunters with scroll live as they do it.

    Has anyone tested to see if its worth doing yourself? How much do you really make per run, in what time? Im at work atm and cant test myself.

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