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    Jade forest for sure, I'm sad I actually look forward to questing there due to how visually stunning it is.
    Closely followed by valley of four winds and kunlai.
    Not a fan of wilds too many instant agro points and far too many trees.
    Dread wastes is ok but love it for the story not the look.
    Jade tho if I fancy some timeout I go find one of them lone tiny houses and just go fish outside it

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    my fave place is the portal room. so i can gtfo and go to proper wow places

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    Quote Originally Posted by emoelitistthreadderailer View Post
    my fave place is the portal room. so i can gtfo and go to proper wow places
    I agree on portal room. Not a fan of pandaria

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    Domination Point?

    I don't really like pandaland so a nice chunk of oldworld charm is very welcome. I also quite like the music.
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    Kun-Lai, hands down.
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    Sunsong. It's just home, on all my characters.

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    Kun Lai.

    I absolutely love it.

    I usually find myself exploring the mountains to see if I missed any caves or interesting looking enemies.
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    I like dreadwastes..., i love how the sha-corrupted structures looks and i also like how the mantid structures looks, but that's not a place to chill out for me...

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    Jade Serpent's temple grounds, I suppose. Jade Forest generally feels much more detailed and thought out than the other zones.
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    The mountainy bits in Kun Lai. Looks pretty cool.

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    Jade Forest in general, in there are so many places I could call my favourites.

    Most dissappointing zone was Townlong Steppes, to me it was nothing like hinted in concept art and just boring zone in general

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    hum i would say all the zone but i LOVE the feeling of the halfhill market !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akarui View Post
    Love Shado-Pan Monestery, Temple of the White Tiger and The Peak of Serenity.
    These are my three favourites too, though the Temple of the Jade Serpent is a close 4th (specially as you venture across the bridges out to sea). Oh, also there's a rock stack with a little hut at the top, near Angler's Wharf in Krasarang - rather like that place too!

    As to which of the three Kun-Lai locations comes first - I honestly couldn't tell you.

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    The whole of Jade Forest is really awesomely designed, with the mountains and the walls and the cherry blossom trees and tall pagodas on top of the mountains...

    I like Dread Wastes a lot, too. It's eery and atmospheric and just generally cool.

    The mountains in the north of Kun Lai.
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    I'm really fond of the Jade Forest. I like all of the little shrines and houses located atop the spires, in particular.

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    Probably the Shrine of Two Moons/Seven Stars. Perhaps a bit claustrophobic for the main hub, but it looks great.

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    Haven't given it much thought, but Dread wastes and Town Long got nice atmospheres. And krassarang to a degree, kinda wish it was more overgrown that it is.
    Thought the town long quests where awful (imo) :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilSaihah View Post
    Domination Point?
    This. It felt so good seeing those metal Horde constructions on Pandaria for the first time!

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    Karasong Wilds, I really enjoy the 5.1 story line and how it has affected the zone. Even before that I still really enjoyed it.

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    Jade forest, especially the little temples on the top of the mountains. So quite and peaceful, and a beautiful view.

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