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    On of the worst LFR group I've seen was not the ones, who played bad or were in greens (I can usually carry them). They were... don't want to go into insults, but their behavior was very questionable. So here is the story.
    I went into 2nd half of HoF with my prot pal(main) and friends alt dc priest. Tanked everything on Meljarak with no control (there is no need really when you have mass dispel).On Amber Shaper I ended up being the top dps (by other people's recount, I know reshape damage bugging). And in the end of the fight I noticed two people in reshapes just derping around, running from raid that wanted to take them out, don't interrupt their casts and in general just running and jumping. As I said, I don't really mind weak players in LFR, but this was obvious trolls. So I shout some raidwarnings to kick them. And shit became serious.
    The crowd stacked up against me, that I am nerd from heroics want to punish casual players, that I should stfu and carry them. So I immidiately replied "you want to carry these trolls? carry me as well, whats the difference - 2 or 3 people". Another tank seing things going bad decided to escape with his life (wise decision). The crowd tried to force me into carrying them again - pulled trash before emperess and ended up dealing with it by themselves. Hell no, guys, now you should carry me, cuz' I'm in troll mode now. After the trash, shitstorm to me was rising and they decided to kick me. This is absolutely obvious - "kik the trolls? nah.. lets kick the carry!".
    So 1 vote left before they can kick me and I'm not going to allow this. So I pulled the boss. Meanwhile some dk specced into blood seing there is going to be no tanks. Its your moment to shine, bro! Carry us! LRF emperess is solo tankable with almost no problems. Just kite the boss while tank is mind controlled. So dk tanking, I'm staying and watching. He gets converted, boss turns to me... nope, BoP! And raid in panic run around. I'm enjoying my justice being served. On the adds phase dk did a decent job, tanked them all. Lokks like everything is going to be okay. But dps is very low, so here is the second add phase. And something went wrong. Dk is still alive but not picking up the adds. Dunno, maybe he gave up. So the raid is dying one by one. Cries and insults everywhere. Yeah, the justice is being served, hehe.
    Fortunately my friend disc knows his fade button, so he is alive along with 3 or 4 other people. And you know, when you troll this hard its extremely important not to shit your own pants. So i picked up the adds. Strong cd's and disc friend are keeping me alive. With so much vengeance I've jumped from 0 damage done to top damage done. Time is ticking and emperess advances. One stack, two... I need to survive some more. Three, four... here it is! I'm getting controlled, the last survivors die and boss evades.
    So I'm standing alone on a field of corpses. "/r so, guys, you kinda failed to carry me. where is my lootz?" And as the final act of mercy, resisting a strong urge to /dance on their bodies, I mass ressed them. A split second before being kicked out.
    Sorry for long post. I hope you enjoyed the story.
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    1.Wiping on Morchok. Never thought this will happen.
    2.Also wiping on Ultraxion trash was fun haha.
    LFR in MoP is 10x better than it was in DS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    The total newbies. I refuse to call them noobs, since they just don't know better yet.
    That's funny, given they're the very definition of newbie. Noob, newb, newbie, beginner. Its also the very person who'd die to fading light, fall down on elegon, etc. Noob is just often used as a curseword, but there's other words like that as well, such as homo, which by themselves are a normal word without any swearing.

    Those don't cause any harm.
    Depends on their role. Depends on how good other players are skill-wise, gear-wise, caring-wise.

    if you have bad luck and like half the raid is made of that player type.
    My experience is the older the patch, the more chance they're there. Also, wednesday usually are the quickest groups. In beginning weeks, thursday as well.

    The Elitist Wannabe's. That group is actually larger than the newbies. They come across as total assholes. Talking down everything, and act accordingly. They more than often disregard mechanics as simple as trash pulls... Because it's LFR, it's a joke anyway... Well, pulling an entire room of trash mobs is only trivial once everyone's ready to go. It's not trivial, it's idiotic when half the raid isn't even present just yet. And it turns a heroic wannabe into an incredible noob, when they can't fulfill the absolute basic - looking at the raid roster - and pull a boss with only 2 healers present, or the second tank on the spirit kings is missing..
    I've experienced those things a lot more, than new players messing up an encounter.
    One man's "fire dancer" is another man's "top DPS who disregards mechanics because healing through them is faceroll, but maximizing DPS requires sometimes ignoring the mechanic." Also, when those massive pulls go well (which is certainly possible), he did a good job speeding up the process and duration of the run.

    And the last group. The total douches... Queue as Healer just to get in faster, without any healing gear equipped whatsoever. It doesn't work, jerks.
    You cannot heal in ret gear.. The meters show that.. If you want Ret gear, then queue as dps. Just to use one class now as example. The runs go smoother, and you will get to the offspec gear eventually if you don't try to short cut. The awareness is a lot higher nowadays, and who doesn't carry their weight because of false gear/role selection gets kicked off anyway.
    Right, so if I respec shadow on Elegon I fall in this category even though I top the meters and the other healers can easily keep up? Or what if a fellow is blood DK but queued as DPS? Generally, he's harmless.

    All 4 groups can cause a wipe.. But the last two causing them the most.
    Thank you for providing your statistical analysis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raxxed View Post
    Feeling inspired from this gem of a group,
    <Deadly Boss Mods> Combat against Raid Finder - Garalon (49%) ended after 9 minutes 37 seconds.
    I decided to make this thread.

    Share away.
    Hitting enrage on Spirit Kings.......TWICE!! It was horrible.
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    LFR gruop wiping 5 times on Morchok before leaving

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    The worst LFR groups I've been in... In Dragon Soul it'd have to be the ones with DPSers who wouldn't stop on the Amalgamations, despite me yelling at them. Spine was such a LFR-unfriendly fight. Also Ultraxion.. Tanks not pressing the button and making us wipe. In MoP it's probably yesterday, where the group wiped three (Yes, THREE.) times on Wind-Lord, due to next-to nobody freeing the people in prisons, and having no CCs. Which is made worse due to the fact that we had some people with titles like "Delver of the Vaults" or "the Tranquil Master".
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    Has to be that one :

    Yes, Lei Shi went berserk. Two times.
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    I've never actually had a bad experience with raid finder XD. This is why i think it's funny when i hear about other people wiping for hours XD.

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