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    [TV] The Abridged Series Thread

    Abridging TV shows became a big hit when a guy who went by the name of LittleKuriboh got bored and did an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh. Now, everybody seems to be doing it. So, what's your favorites? What's awesome about them?

    1. Yu-gi-oh: But of course! My first experience with it was the parody video Without Yugi. So here I am, wondering why this guy is ripping on all these other people who I assumed were other Youtube celebrities. So, I thought this guy was a giant dick. Then, eventually, I realized they were just TeamFourStar members, and he wasn't just messing around (I assume). I've seen panels of his, and really he's just an awesome guy. Martin actually does a lot more than the regular show though:

    A. Yu-gi-oh: It's really odd that a show about card games can be so much better when you take out the card games. Also, it gets better as it goes along, which is not what usually happens. The last few episodes have been the best done so far. Granted, all of season 1 is hard to listen to after seeing season 2 and 3, because the voices are so...I don't know, it sounds like they're all depressed or something. I challenge anyone to a children's card game to determine the best abridged series.

    B. Naruto Spoof: I haven't seen the real show, so it's hard getting into abridged series where I haven't seen the regular version. But, LittleKuriboh brings his usual humor and it makes it a little easier. Also, his Spoof Movie No Jutsu is awesome

    C. Marik Plays Bloodlines: I'm not really into Let's Plays, or any other type of "watch people play video games". But, somehow, Marik commentating this game makes it more watchable than anything else. If you're a fan of the series, Marik (and occasional quips by Bakura) will have you rolling. Hehheh...Foxy Boxes.

    2. Dragon Ball Z Abridged (in convenient single video for season 1, complete with side jokes): Again, of course. Really, I can't watch the real show anymore. It's just too long. I'd rather watch the abridged series, and get some laughs in at the same time. So far, the show has done a really good job of having that one character that just makes it. It was Nappa before he died, and then it was Frieza. I'm a little worried now that the Android Saga is about to begin, which character takes their place. I also wonder how long Nail will remain and bother Piccolo.

    3. Pokemon 'Bridged: Not so much into this, but it's got good laughs. Pikachu is hilarious. The main problem I have with this series is they jumped ahead after a few episodes, and I have no idea why. Plus, all of Nowacking's voices sound the same. The last episode was good though. I couldn't stop giggling at "fuck the sky!....it knows what it did"

    4. Friendship is Witchcraft (don't ask me why episode one has been blocked): This show works a little differently. Because it's a more "splice of life" show than the other story-driven series, the creators jump around a lot and use (seemingly) random episodes. But, it works out ok. The jokes are interesting because all the dialogue stays in-universe. The other abridged series tend to put in a lot of pop culture references and whatnot, but FiW stays pretty true to the universe it's in. You have to give Jenny credit, she voices all the main characters and is able to make them all sound pretty close to the originals. Except Pinkie Pie, but it's ok, because I love her voice. Speaking of, Griffin also does well making the songs for the show. Even if you're not a fan of either show, you gotta appreciate Pinkie's Brew and At the Convention, which is a full parody.

    5. Yu-gi-oh GX Abridged: Again, I haven't seen the original series. And I haven't seen much of this either. But Shadyvox is awesome. Whether it be all his awesome covers and parodies (also featuring the previously mentioned Nowacking), or his role in Bond Beyond Time Abridged, Shady always seemed to be entertaining. But, I just can't seem to get myself into his series.

    6. Abridgimon: Ok, so it was only one episode, but I really want them to do more. Shadyvox and xthedarkone, TeamFourStar, and even LittleKuriboh all together to do it. Supposedly, it was a one-time thing, but I remember hearing something somewhere that it was a "when we have time, we might" kind of thing. Do you have a stat screen?
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    LittleKuriboh is a legend, I mean nothing really has made me laugh so hard in a while like his yugioh series.

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    I started watching Dragon Ball Z Abridged about a year ago, and just watched Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged for the first time last week. I also watched Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, but it's hard to give it a rating when it's only 3 episodes in.

    I'd probably rank them;

    1. Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Favourite character is probably Vegeta. He's probably the most sympathetic character in the show, as he is constantly getting screwed by others stupidity. I also like the conversations between Vegeta/Nappa and Goku/Frieza.

    Favourite scenes

    2. Hellsing Ultimate Abridged: Alucard is awesome, and Jan Valentine was pretty funny too, in a sadistic way.

    3. Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged: Somewhat funny, but I didn't laugh nearly as much as the other Abridged series, despite it having twice the episodes.

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    Episode 32 of DBZ Abridged is out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=mxSRmLBuL4k

    I was just lamenting how it was a down time for each series. Friendship is Witchcraft said their big two-parter would be out before the end of the month. Doesn't look like that's happening. LittleKuriboh said he's focusing hard on finishing season 3, but nothing so far. But at least I got a new DBZ. Except it was rather meh. A couple good lines, one from Vegeta, one from Krillin, but most of it was more filler. Yes, I just complained about an abridged series having filler.

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    Vegeta from DBZAbridged is the greatest thing on youtube. I don't know how he does it, all that screaming and rage contained in a voice. But... it's just so satisfying to watch/hear. A perfect storm of voice and character. Krillin is funny as well but I think I remember it being the same guy.

    But yeah I remember when YGO abridged first started... it was a glorious day, I was wide eyed and innocent... And then I watched all the abridged things from then on happily ever after. The end.
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    It has been a while since I watched Littlekuriboh's Yugioh abridged, but that show was simply amazing. So much better than the original cartoon.

    These days he's VERY slow with uploading new episodes, and I kinda forgot that he existed from then.

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    Dont forget Hellsing abridged. outstanding series.

    if i had to rate them


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    Code Ment and None Piece are great ones. Purple Eyes seems like a rather crazy person, either that or totally drugged out whenever he makes them.

    Mentally Advanced Series isn't too bad of a MLP one either, though I like FiW a bit more (can't get enough of Gypsy Bard!) Though now, it's mostly about the Rainbow Dash presents series, which isn't too bad in and of itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the0o View Post
    Dont forget Hellsing abridged. outstanding series.
    I liked it, but kind of forgot about it since it's only been three episodes (but Pendulous, you mentioned Abridgimon, and it's only one ep.....SHUT UP MOKUBA!!). Camaraderie is Supernatural is pretty good too. At least, the first two episodes were. Then it feels like it went downhill, though it's only been 3.5 episodes (and it looks like they may have been removed).

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    Friendship is Witchcraft has their own website now: http://www.sherclop.com/

    And their videos are still removed from Youtube.

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    I've actually got more people into DBZ due to the abridged series, it really is good comedy even if you don't like DBZ. A lot of people I know that can't stand watching the normal version will watch Abridged no problem because it just points out all the things they normally would have problems with or just cuts them all together. Also I think a good reason why fans love it are that the characters are done so well. They take the essence of who they are and just run with it, they actually have more character in abridged then the normal show I find.

    My two favorite characters have got to be Piccolo/Nail and Vegeta. My favorite movie is Lord Slug(thanks to Piccolo) and my favorite episodes were the ones with the Ginyu force, especially the wrestling spoof.

    I should watch the Yu-Gi-Oh one as I used to play/watch that with my bro when he was younger since he was really into it. The shows definitely ripe for Abridged comedy.
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    I personally did not enjoy anything but the yugioh ones, and they felt stale after a while. But ya the 1st few were out of this world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiif View Post
    I personally did not enjoy anything but the yugioh ones, and they felt stale after a while. But ya the 1st few were out of this world.
    That sucks. The quality actually gets a lot better once season 2 rolls around. Voices, everything. Like I said before, the newest episodes were some of the funniest ones ever.

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    Has anyone watched Nullmetal Alchemist? Darsithis puts the hat on d3v in the corner

    It's ok. Takes a few episodes to get good. Kinda hard to understand Ed at times given how fast he talks though.

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