** Living Eternity (25) we will very likely change the guild name in future **
Open recruitment for everything except DK's.

We are looking for mature players who enjoy raiding casual level, but very time efficient and come prepared for raids to take maximum out of the time spent. Currently we are not holding gear restrictions as we are more interested in finding right people. As guild we have not officially done raid yet. As you would guess we don't have any progress to offer, we are looking for people to begin progress from ground up to skyline.

The raiding schedule will be looking like - Wed/Thu/Sun - 19:00-23:00.

What can we offer in so early state?

Very experienced raid leader to take you into fights and come out in winning side.

What are we expecting from our players?

Attending all 3 raid days. Acknowledge that we are raiding very time efficient and every little preparation before raid is mandatory. Open-minded raiders who are eager to work as team.

Questions and contact: PM here or you can contact me in-game with battletag: Khannon#2330