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    Which graphics card to choose?

    The choices were:

    MSi 660 ti - £237
    Msi 7950 - £226
    Msi 7950oc - £250

    As far as i know the 7950s out perform the 660ti's but they seem to be selling at a similar price atm with offers. Games im currently playing are WoW and Dota, but i was told Nvadia's cards are better for those games but i've not had any problems with my ATi card so im not sure. Im leaning towards the 7950 because i like the games bundle that comes with them. Any alternative suggestion is welcome as well
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    I'd go with the 7950 oc if you want the game bundle, the performance is similar and if you do it well you can also make it much better with higher overclocking, the only real reason to go nvidia here would be if you were using software that could use the cuda cores on the nvidia, otherwise its pretty much even for both team red and team green.

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    the price of the 660 Ti is a whole new level of bad.

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    In WoW the 660ti pulls ahead, but most other games they are very close matched.


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    I chose the MSI 660TI, will receive it Friday and post back here and let you know my insights on the graphics card.

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