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    What is your favorite place in Pandaria?

    Simple enough, what is your favorite place. Whether it be a town, a pond, a shrine, a temple, a dungeon or raid, or an entire zone. What is your favorite place?

    For me it is Sri-La Village on the north-eastern coast of Jade Forest. You come down the side of a cliff on a walkway, and cross a bridge past a waterfall cascading down onto a Mogu statue. Finally you arrive in a fishing village, fitted with nothing more than an inn, a mailbox, a Kite Master, and a few vendors. But out on the ocean on the spires and islands, are fishing huts dotting the the sea.

    It was so awesome when I stumbled across it looking for that rare mogu in the Thundering Terrace.
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    I despise Dread Wastes the least.

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    I'd have to say jade forrest...all around. maybe one of those lone huts out on an island off the coast, or the jade serpent temple grounds are my favorite to visit.

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    I really do not like Pandaria. It is visually gorgeous, but I prefer Northrend type zones. I'm not digging the pandas and cranes shit
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    I love the Dread Wastes for the lore. The Klaxxi are so freaking COOL! But for general "I like chillin' here", Valley of the Four Winds. It just feels... like home, if that makes any sense.

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    Kun-lai summit as whole, i especially love snowy part of the zone. Music there is amazing.

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    My top 3 classic zones are Mulgore, Arthi Highlads and Wetlands....

    Valley of the Four Winds is the....ultimate zone for me. Grasslands, wetlands, highlands in one. Aw yeah. But I must say I love Kun-Lai's snowy part, Krasarang Wild's epic shoreline and Jade Forest's coast "hills" or w/e they are. Flying above the road leading to Halfhill Market and coming from north part of Valley....Looks alot like Wetlands' huuuge road + Arathi Highlands

    Love it.

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    My farm... I hope I can modify the house and add things to ease my life.
    I am thinking about portals to major cities and stuff....

    We are able to buy it in the next patch, so it will be player-owned. That opens opportunities.

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    Love Shado-Pan Monestery, Temple of the White Tiger and The Peak of Serenity. Just the temple grounds feel is awesome, just a shame there isn't more too those places other than looking pretty :/
    I also like the Secret Arie, when i found that in beta and realized it had no use XD
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    Sunset brewgarden, Coastal Jade Forest. Remote Village in Kun-Lai

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    Atop Mount Neverest and those tall peaks in Jade Forest that have buildings atop them.

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    Dread Wastes has to be the best. Doing dailies in that place never got tired. The zone has such a foreboding aura that it gives you a sense and scale to the dangers of the Sha. And the Jade Forest is the prettiest place in all of Azeroth

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    portals to major cities

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    The cherry blossom tree areas in Jade Forest, mostly around the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies area.

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    Kun'lai and the Jade Forest

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    The entire zone of the Jade Forest is beautiful, I especially like the numerous spires and the random shacks and monuments atop some of them.

    If I had to pick a place inside the Jade Forest, it is probably the Tian Monastery. I like the architecture and the way it is tucked into the spires there.

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    Shado-Pan Monestary/Peak of Serenity

    That whole part of Kun-Lai has to be my favorite, including the part with the mogu tombs.

    Second place goes to the village in Kun-Lai to the North East that's under attack by the Zandalari.

    Third place goes to Lion's Landing. It just feels awesome and the military presence shows that we are not alone as adventurers, but part of a bigger movement, which is a nice change.

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    Krasarang wilds

    Reminds me of darkshore and a little bit Stranglethorn Vale shoreline. Love the elven theme, music and the dense forest

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    Mount Neverest, the beaches on Krasarang before the war destroyed everything and turned it into a polluted, festering dump.

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