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    Complete newbie - Need tips & help!


    So, I recently went back to my Warrior after a month's break. I haven't PvPed since the middle of WotLK, though, leaving me so rusty and out of touch that I may as well be a complete beginner. My macros are long deleted, my muscle memory or it gone. Therefore, this thread.

    I'm guessing Arms is still the PvP spec for Warriors?

    Which talents are generally considered best if I'll be doing BGs, and maybe RBGs later on, if I can get a spot in one as a Warrior?

    How about stats? I'm guessing I'll want to be gemming/gearing for PvP Power?

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    Unless you want to be an FC then prot, but yes arms is the pvp spec still. As for talents, i'm not an expert but i play with Double Time, Second Wind, Piercing howl, Shockwave, Safegaurd, and i use Stormbolt, since avatar isnt as good anymore, but i believe alot of guys still use avatar. As far as gems go, I would go for pvp power and Crit. and of course make sure yout hit and everything is capped. hopes this helps a little

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    First Tier either will do. Lots of people using warbringer for the knock down feature (soon to have a snare added to it, but will share DR) but Juggernaut (reduced cd) or Double Time will work.

    Second Tier: Is and likely will forever be second wind.

    Third Tier is pretty much the same idea, lots using Staggering shout for the root when snared, but can't really go wrong I suppose with Piercing and Disrupting Shout.

    Fourth Tier is where things start getting sketchy in terms of choices right now the majority are using Shockwave but in the new patch it's getting it's CD doubled so more people might move away from it, although the other option don't seem to be so appealing. Bladestorm while you won't be able to be disarmed in the new patch, still doesn't do much damage and I'm not 100% sure if Dragon's roar works as it reads in PVP.

    5th Tier is a toss up between Mass spell reflect or safeguard. Both are frequently used.

    Tier 6 seems to be Avatar but like the person above me posted storm bolt is solid CC, especially since Shockwave is getting the nerf.

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    Pretty much getting slaughtered while doing 10-15% of people's HP in damage before I die right now. 8/8 Contender's and a blue weapon. Guess I just need to sit tight, gear up and get my epic weapon in 4 weeks until it actually gets fun to PvP?

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