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    Patch 5.2 - A shift in comps?

    Before you read this, this is not a hating post or a post coming from some kind of arena specialist who got R1 12 seasons in a row, this is all just speculation from what I have seen and what I have played on the PTR. Please do not take any of this the wrong way or claim I know nothing, I KNOW I know nothing. If I have missed out on anything or have exaggerated something, perhaps even not paid any attention to, feel free to give me your opinion on it. If you think I'm wrong, well go ahead and tell me what you think!

    With 5.2 somewhat around the corner (figuratively speaking, of course), it is time we all sat down and had a think about how the PvP scene could shift, if at all.

    The introduction of Patch 5.2 - The Thunder King, bring forth a bunch of changes and 'balances' within PvP however I am one of many who is skeptical that these changes will actually do a whole lot. On the face of it it still seems as if 2v2 is only done for the conquest cap weekly and doesn't matter one bit and that the arena scene is solely based around 3v3 (as it is the composition played in pretty much every World of Warcraft tournament). 3v3 is going to be a bit touch and go with the current PTR sitting at a total of a 30% nerf to overall healing which definitely appears to hurt some classes more than others. For example druids who tend to HoT up their teammates and then focus on other things such as CC, Restoration Druids will have to focus more on hard casts now with no real apparent nerf to damage, only to healing.

    Next is RBG composition. The few teams above 1700 who found a space for a Feral of any kind will now likely switch it up with the buffs incoming for Windwalker monks. Windwalker is a brand new spec to the RBG scene with it's incredible burst and surprisingly good offhealing and extremely good mobility it seems to be a brilliant choice for RBGs in patch 5.2. Warlocks look like they're going to completely fall off the radar in terms of getting a spot on any RBG team due to all of the changes the new patch brings. Hopefully Blizzard can add something to Warlocks that gives them that extra oomph! they need in order to regain their places. With Shadow Priests still reigning supreme with their incredible damage and utility they still seem to be the go to for caster spots, although the 30% nerf to healing is a real quick in the nuts for spriest offhealing, admittedly we all saw it coming.

    Nerfs to warriors seem to be negligible with the total reduction of healing to 70% of its maximum effectiveness. The CD on Shockwave was something we all saw coming after Swifty revealed his latest Warrior trick, let's face it, it happens everytime. The buffs to rogues were much needed but some of it feels completely over the top as they are now able to take out a ranged class at ranged from inside a smoke bomb. Yes, I had this happen to my Mage on the PTR. No, it was not pretty. Windwalker buffs weren't exactly needed, just perhaps some extra viability. They may have been under-represented in PvP but that was because many could not find the bother to level and learn a brand new class when they could stick with their arena mains that they'd had for years. Perhaps a slight damage increase or the mastery change but as always Blizzard seems to have done too much at once rather than balancing tings out and adding or taking away depending on how the changes had been received.

    Again, this is all speculation and I just wanted to hear what you guys/gals think of it all and to get your feedback on the PTR in comparison from live as I am in no way a top tier PvPer, more like someone who only recently got into that aspect of the game and has become extremely passionate for it.

    So, a shift in comps? Or a shift in tactics? Perhaps even both, give me your answers below! And remember, please post constructively.

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    The lack of responses but amount of views is disturbing..
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