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    Worst Rep you ever got to exalted?

    Whats the worst rep grind ever? For me it was Skyguard. I know it can be done in like 12 hours if you just power grind mobs and kill the minibosses along with both the dailies in Blade's Edge and Terokkar but it took me forever. Then I got seasick when I finally rode the damn things lol. I would say the one for the Nether Drakes but I gave up on that crap at honored.

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    Skyguard, definitely. I just couldn't stand it. Netherwing wasn't to bad, you just can't pay attention to the days. I still haven't finished Orgri'la.
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    Not sure if Kurenai or Kalu'ak was worst... Doing those daily quests which required flying from Howling Fjord too Borean Tundra was a pain in the ass and all for a epic fishing pole with underwater breathing... Though cant say for sure since TBC was a while ago and cannot remember how long it took to gain exalted by killing ogres and delivering beads..

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    Getting the "Hero of Shattrath" achievement wasn't hard, but it was pretty mindnumbing.

    1350 basilisk eyes, each with around a 30% droprate or something. Got it done in a couple of days, far quicker than many other reps I've decided to grind, but holy christ was flying around Terrokar shooting basilisks mindnumbingly painful. And that was just to get to neutral, had to use my entire accounts supply of Scryre rep gain items afterwards to hit exalted, and I've been keeping hold of them since TBC was released, leveling multiple characters etc - still ended up having to go to the Mechanar to farm a few more items.

    Killing millions of pirates back when you needed Bloodsail rep at honored AND Goblin rep at exalted at the same time to get the Insane title was pretty memorable too. Can't say it was the worst grind, since I enjoyed it as bizarre as that sounds, but it's memorable.

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    Anything that requires Turn-ins. I'm so cheap, i farmed enough cloth to get every home city to exalted before the second rep boost (and tabards)

    Oh, i did this on a BC ret paladin, lol

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    Can I also add all MoP reps since I hate dailies? Havent even gained rep with any of them once I hit 90.

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    Warsong gulch rep, Ahn'Qiraj rep and Molten core rep (finished them in Tbc when you couldn't turn in for WSG rep, and you still needed at least a 20-30man raid to sweep through vanilla raids)..

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    Timbermaw Hold or Winterspring Trainers in vanilla.
    Yeah. That was a horrid grind.
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    Pretty much any of the vanilla reps during vanilla, though the ones you could get in AQ were sort of okay.

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    WSG competing with AB like you wanna gouge your eyes out just doing this.

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    The faction that sells you winterspring frostsabre but the reward worths it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    Timbermaw Hold or Winterspring Trainers in vanilla.
    Yeah. That was a horrid grind.
    I agree about wintersaber trainers. I did it at a time when each quest gave 75 rep and I hit exalted about a week before they decided to make it 250 rep per quest.... If i'd know that was happening i'd just have waited.

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    Nat Pagle, though not a rep, was pretty grindy and miserable toward the end there.
    I for sure hated AB more than WSG. I didn't mind insane all that much, though I did end up paying some guy like 70,000g back in wrath to sit there in my group and aoe tanaris pirates for goblin rep while I semi-afked reading a few books for class over a weekend so I guess I couldn't have liked the cartels much. IDK.

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    The WSG and AB reps are awful! Besides those, I hated Ogri'la and Mag'har. So sloooooow.

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    Oh wait, I left it at revered

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    Shen'dralar. Dire Maul sends me into a catatonic state now.

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    Conqueror/Justicar reps.
    More grindy than the insane ><

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    Was the rep they removed from Insane really that hard to raise?

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    Warsong motherfucking gulch

    God i hated that grind so much and it didnt help the fact i hate that BG too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    Warsong motherfucking gulch

    God i hated that grind so much and it didnt help the fact i hate that BG too!
    I hear that! It's the only BG I instant /afk before the new random design but if it's the weekend event, forget about it.

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