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    Quote Originally Posted by Roulette Kneebasha View Post
    I'm surprised having it turned on is considered so weird/unpopular!

    I have mine on in part so I remember which title I'm using. I enjoy swapping out titles all the time and I like to see what other people are seeing. /shrug
    I don't think it's weird. I think a lot of players don't do it simply because it's defaulted off and they don't care enough to change it. It's just unfamiliar.

    I don't have it on myself, but I don't have anyone's on. (I never change my titles, which would be a good reason to have it on if I did)
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    I do. I blame Anarchy Online.

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    I have all names turned on, even NPCs and pets. Dno why, just like it that way.

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    no, i have my name turned off, have player names/guilds show(but not titles or guild title like champion of guildX), npc names off
    just outta personal taste. as for nameplates only hostile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Awarewolf View Post
    I have ALL names off, NPCs even, except when targeted. Really helps with immersion.
    Pretty much this.

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    i just have to add it in kinda on topic kinda off but, once knew a healer who only healed thru name plates, the guy didn't even have raid frames of any sort just healed by name plates, boggled our minds every time we watched any of his vids or looked at his Screenshots... i mean he had all name plates show, the guy didn't suck, he was damn good, just couldn't figure out how he could do it or stand it and be so damn good at it...
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    I only had player names on when I played. Because it helped me see when someone familiar was around at a glance and helped me identify targets in PvP easier.

    Other names, npcs, me, critters, pets are off. It makes things look neater.

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    I always show my own name + title the reason for this is that i can't play a character if he has a retarded name. So when a character of mine has a cool name I run around with name and title visible.

    I have everything on also for other players. I just like to see extra information about somebody in a glance

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    Of course I show my own names. My own names rule, and I like to see them all the time. This includes my titles as well

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    All names off except mobs/pvp.
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