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    Fury pvp for fun SMF or TG :confused:

    Good day people,

    i started this season late with my warrior in PVP.
    Now im just doing some BG and Arena with friends and guidlies.

    I wanna go play some fury for fun in BG en old raids and stuff.
    I searched some threads but didn't find good info so maby people here can help me out.

    For pvp bg en arena what will be better in dps SMF or TG (in know arms is better and that will be my main specc for S13 but for now so fury fun)
    I think the dmg of the 2handers maby are better for arena but with the smf you hit a lot faster and there maby more uptime of enraged.
    Can you tel me how you think of this tonight when ik get my cap i can buy my second PVP 2hander weapon or buy 2 1handers.

    So just to be clear it is just for fun, for BG some arena and old raid/dungeon what will do more dmg? SMF or TG
    I know for pve SMF is better single target en TG for AOE, but for PVP what do you think?

    So post what you think, TY

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    TG, more burst with raging blow.
    Don't be so sure about arms being the best spec in S13 btw.

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