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    Frost DK Gemming Question

    I'm trying to figure out if I should be gemming specifically for haste like I have been, or be gemming for strength gems and use hybrids just for certain bonuses.

    My armory is below:

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Unless you're a JC, you should never go for straight +str.

    All hybrids when needed, +haste otherwise (in PvE).

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    You should sim it but I wouldn't gem straight haste in any case.
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    Sim it... When I was 2h with an ilvl around 496 the difference was minimal. It comes down to:

    1.) Would you prefer to do slightly higher patchwerk damage? Gem haste
    2.) Would you prefer to do slightly higher damage on light-heavy movement fights? Gem STR

    In either case the DPS difference is minimal, am talking like 109000 vs 108500 so it kinda just comes down to whether you prefer the faster playstyle/less downtime that more haste brings.

    I preferred hybrid STR gems as 2h anyway, just my opinion

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    I hybrid all of it. Did a reforge plotting to see where Haste/Mastery meet for the best DPS total, and it put me around 7800 Haste/3100ish Mastery.

    So, I have a few haste/str and some mastery/str, to hit that value. But gone are the days where you go full red gems regardless of slot :P

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