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    Update: New Fan-made Models

    Hey guys and girls!
    Its been a long time since I last posted here. So here is an update on my work.

    This art piece features my model of Sylvanas Windrunner when still a High Elf Ranger General from Silvermoon:

    This art piece features my model of Queen Azshara, The Light of Lights when still the Highborne Queen:

    This art piece features my model of Neltharion during the War of the Ancients before he got corrupted:

    This art piece features my model of Lord Ravencrest:

    This art piece features my model of a statue of the Moon Goddess Elune which is placed in the Suramar Temple (in our Machinima):

    Also some of you know that I am working on a Machinima together with a good friend. The Machinima will cover a part of the story of the War of the Ancients: The Well of Eternity.

    This Video gives a preview of how our (Keytal and me, Vaanel) Machinima will look like. It features the arrival of one of Sargeras's most dangerous servents, Hakkar the Houndmaster:

    Looking forward for more updates on my work and the development of the Machinima? Then sub to my Youtube, DeviantArt and for some exclusive news, follow me on Facebook.

    All my work is fanmade and based on the novels from R. Knaak and drawings from Metzen. Of course without any directions of the characters appearances I improvise. I do not own the rights of the characters. Also I am not a Professional 3D Modeller. This is all just part of a hobby.

    Enjoy y'all!


    Here are some more stuff:

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    Very very nice, your work is really amazing.
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    good Job, I really like the Pre-Corrupted Neltharion model
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    Elune looks like a whore, haha.
    The models are nice, good job.

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    behind you O.o
    LokTar 'O gar!

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    no she doesnt look like a whore. theres no such thing as a "whore" look.

    fantastic work by the way OP
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    Very nice work, indeed.

    Now, please don't get me wrong, what I'm saying now is purely meant as constructive criticism so that your work may be even better.

    I think that on the Elune model the shoulders & head don't quite fit to the rest of the bodyfigure, they appear to be somewhat bulkier than the rest of it, which is more slender-looking.

    Alos, the head of the Neltharion model appears to be a little too small for the huge body that it is attached to.

    Love the Sylvanas/Azshara models though (Azshara resembling its model from the WoE dungeon from 4.3, but nevertheless great artwork!)
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    looks nice...

    also elune is a narru

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malakh View Post
    Alos, the head of the Neltharion model appears to be a little too small for the huge body that it is attached to.
    More the jaw, IMO. Looks like a girl Neltharion.
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    Totally looks like a whore.

    Well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newaccountforthiscontest View Post
    looks nice...

    also elune is a narru
    Please stahp,
    I like the Neltharion piece

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    Everything is epic except for one thing. I cant get past Azshara's voice. Its way to young for the model. I could honestly ignore that if the voice wasn't so monotone. It doesn't Feel like shes irritated. There is literally nothing to her voice that would lead me to believe its a queen who is awaiting something that was promised to be a big deal. Just get Azshara's voice changed to something as good as the other voices and it'll be one solid piece of work. Great models. Everything else was fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    ntheres no such thing as a "whore" look.
    >.> Yes there is, Google Jersey night club in images.

    OT: I think Elune is a Naaru aswell but if shes warshipped as a Nelf Being the statue fits.
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    Really like the pre-undead Sylvanas and pre-corrupted Deathwing models. Amazing job OP

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    Isn't Elune a Naaru?

    nice models dude
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    Isn't Elune a Naaru?

    nice models dude
    As mentioned before, she might be a Naaru, but that notion has only surfaced recently in wow lore. This movie takes place hundreds of years ago, so it is more likely that any statue representing Elune back then resembled a Night Elf rather than a (then) never-encountered extra-terrestrial being.

    Also: Can't wait to see the full movie being released
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    Nice work, disregard the clueless fanwank about Elune being a Naaru, they haven't confirmed or verified this "musing" at all.

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    I may disagree with people who think you're "better than Blizzard" but I really appreciate the love and passion you have for Warcraft and the Children of the Stars and how much effort you go to in editing and tweaking the preexisting models and skins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaanel View Post
    Also I am not a Professional 3D Modeller. This is all just part of a hobby.
    Not be modest, you have done an excellent job, you know it and all of us can confirm it. Indeed, I would even dare to say that your models are even better than some of the models made by Blizzard itself.

    They are all wonderful, but the Sylvanas model calls especially my attention, because you have created a model for the High Elves very interesting and nothing like the model that the High Elves have in the game currently, which we all know that are actually mere placeholders using models and animations of the blood elves with blue lenses and voices of the night elves.

    That picture inspires me to think that, if Blizzard wants, they could split the two Thalassian races in fully autonomous and independent models: the proud Sin'dorei of the Horde and the sedate Quel'dorei of the Alliance.

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    Those are amazing, well done.

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