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    Looking for something with a bigger risk/reward to pvp

    I'm looking for a PC game with more of a risk/reward to pvp.

    I like hardcore pvp, for example I loved D2 HC pvp.
    I love the risk/reward of games like Eve also.
    I've been looking at Dark Souls, but I guess it's a hackfest for PC.

    I like harsh unforgiving games, and I just can't find any, I know I'm in the minority when it comes to games that actually punish you when you die in pvp, but I'm hoping there is something out there for people like me.

    My ideal game would be a WoW clone with perm death and pvp enabled anywhere. I'm sadistic like that.

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    Well I think Wizardry Online has PvP? I'm not sure, but I hear that if you die that's it... Have to re-roll a new toon.
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    Lineage 2.

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