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    WoW vs TERA vs SWTOR endgame

    Hey guys! So I've found myself getting bored of GW2 lately. Although they're adding new content, there's just not much left for me to do at endgame. It's becoming more and more a casual/social game to me, so I am looking for a new mmo to dedicate some more time to. Don't get me wrong, I still love GW2 and will still be playing it, just not as much because there is barely anything new left to do.

    Currently I'm looking at these three. Looking to do a mix of raiding/competitive pvp endgame. So here's a little bit of my history with each game:

    WoW: My main MMO over the years. I stopped playing just before Firelands. Last time I was in a hardcore guild was WoTLK, then I spent most of my time in Cata doing 3's/rated BG's. I quit because I just felt absolutely burnt out, after playing it for years. I'm almost positive is the best of the three at endgame, and obviously most active, but the thing is I don't know if I will feel burnt out if I return. I have quite a few 85's, and I don't know if MoP is particularly interesting to me. How is WoW currently? (heavily opinionated question, I know) I may owe it to myself to give it a look.

    TERA: Played the beta, and preordered so I'm a founder. I didn't really get to play it that much honestly. The action orientated combat was great, but the boring story and grindy quests discouraged me to keep playing. I got a Baraka Lancer to around 30 and then stopped playing in May. I'm not really sure if I know anything about the game's endgame, or how popular it currently it is with it recently going F2P. Is the endgame worth the grind in your opinion/

    SWTOR: This I was fanatical about (huge Star Wars fan). Preordered the Collectors Edition and everything. I got my Sith Sorc to 50 and did a few operations, but mostly warzones and datacron hunting. I loved the character's story and the setting of course. But in the end I was disappointed with the game, especially the endgame, and decided it wasn't worth the monthly sub. I stopped playing in February and haven't picked it up since. I have heard that since then a lot of new content was added, as well as going free to play.

    Without knowing anything about how the endgame is in either of these three games, I would say that I think I'm interested in playing SWTOR the most. With WoW, you still have to pay and I have no idea if I have any interest in playing it anymore. TERA, I could not stand the boring story and repetitive quests, and know nothing about the endgame.

    So could you guys please give me your opinions on how each game's endgame is? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

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    The people who enjoy Mists, most of them really liked the tier, though new tier comes out soon. You can always check out boss kill vids for current and new tier and see if the fights inspire you to play.

    Tera, not much 'end game' isn't too much. dungeons and I think one larger instance, like 10 player? I think the grind is the reason to play, if you enjoy the combat and the visual beauty of it, but probably the -least' amount of traditional end-game content out there

    SWtOR There are several OPs and quite a few FPs, HMs Nightmare, SM ... the F2P model is not going to give you a lot of options ... though enough to check it out, and if you are sitting on a ton of credits, you can buy the unlocks off of GTN to try out what you think you'll like, and decide whether to sub or not, or just keep getting unlocks.

    I personally look at end game a bit differently ... since people complain about the lack of it in SWtOR, but I look at say WoW, and see that this tier has been out 5 months, they released dailies on the last patch (5.1). The first tier is pretty big (16 bosses), new tier will be pretty big as well. Lots and lots, and lots of dailies to be done. There is a big risk of feeling burnt out again, if that is why you left. I know my wife and I did. Even took a break for a couple months and felt burnt out again after a week. We are still asked to come back, but we don't have the desire to heroic raid any longer and don't like the new design philosophies. I didn't mind getting to 90 at first, but trying to do my 2nd just felt bleh, especially after doing hours of dailies, every day, for over a month on my main, before I just hit the wall. With her feeling the burnout faster, and hard to get her to even log on, any desire I had left dissolved quickly.

    SWtOR has released daily hubs in content patches as well. SWtOR has a plan to release 'content' every 6 weeks, but that doesn't mean amazing content either They just ended an event that brought reputations out, and had some special items with a repeatable faction that will come back at a later time. It has been a while since they released a new raid. The 'xpac' is being tested, though it is small ($10 for subs), a planet, level 55, and I think as of now; and best place to check out what content is known about it right now imo is http://www.dulfy.net

    SWtOR we have more fun with, but we don't even log into that much anymore either, though we still enjoy it, and as an important side note, we think the community is one of the best; well Rift included the last we played it.

    Rift might be something for you to check out, though, they are at the start of an xpac, and total 'end game' content is not as much as it was before that, simply because of timing, but if Trion stays true to their past, there will be lots of content coming soon enough.

    Really depends on what you like the best; I just can't stand how WoW feels any longer, and that is probably from all the years of playing it, and finally enough changes that I didn't like that has turned me away. If you can view it with fresh eyes, you'll probably love it. WoW's end game progression has been significantly slowed, and you won't be able to jump in 5.2 with an 85 and be raiding the 5.2 raid in a week or two ... (unless carried), expect to be doing 5.0 LFR runs, 5.0 normal raid runs, and lots of dailies to catch up.

    SWtOR, right now, you could catch up really quick, and I know the guild I'm in is always doing at least SM runs, if not HM runs. I see them asking for a couple dps regularly in guild chat filling spots and clearing runs. You will get the low end gear just from logging in and visiting your mailbox, tokens to get Tionese gear. Better off subbing for a months and checking it out imo. Then if you like it, you can pick up the xpac for $10, for non-subbers it is $20.

    You could always consider another genre though ... because if you were burnt out on WoW, now you are getting bored with GW2; you don't enjoy Tera or its 'grind', and you basically got bored with SWtOR as well (though the UI is completely sizable and movable now); if you don't have a desire to try Rift ... it might just be time to get into something else ...

    I could suggest LoL; it is F2P, MOBA. My wife loves it, and we've been playing it a lot recently. Lots of champions to learn and master, various roles/playstyles you can take on each champ (111 of them?), competitive nature of the game (though lower bracket players tend to be more rude than diamond/plat skilled players) ... though only 4 maps. It is a nice change/break from MMOs.

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    What Zeropeorth said above is pretty close to anything I would have to say as well, except for Rift which I really know nothing about :P

    What I wanted to add is that you should consider The Secret World as well. The end-game there consists mostly of nightmare runs of about 9 dungeons (iirc), and even though it's still a bit of a gear grind to get to the hard ones, I found them rather fun and engaging through their mechanics and the way characters work. No classes, no restrictions, you can have all the "spells" in the game, but you can only equip 7 active ones and 7 passive ones at a time. (plus one each for an auxiliary weapon). Aside from the end-game though, the leveling process is absolutely lovely with the best atmosphere I've seen in the genre and very interesting questing (it's not all kill X of Y and gather Z, that's only about 50% of it I'd say).

    If I were to comment on the three you mentioned with my own opinion... I don't recommend returning to WoW just yet. The content, while not bad, is just not that different, and the dailies are still there, in your face, demanding to be done. By the sound of it, you would not be able to stand it for too long without a drastic change in approach.

    I enjoyed SWTOR end-game a fair bit, but in the end it was very similar to WOW's, which was both a good and a bad thing I suppose. As for Tera, I am currently devoting some time to it, I have not gotten to end-game, but my research suggests it's a fairly standard grind for gear with some hardmode dungeons.

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    I can't say much about WoW nowadays, TOR sucks, TERA hardly has any lategame, at least not interesting lategame. It's mostly guild wars. Patches are not coming very fast, neither. But it's very popular now that it's F2P, mostly because of combat mechanics and good graphics, I guess.

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