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    1. The crossroads
    First time i went to crossroads was with 2 irl friends of mine at the start of wotlk, i loved that little town. I did all the quests there because i loved the barrens so much.
    2. My first self made dungeon group
    Back then you didn't have LFG so i found my own group using a channel we had. I still remember my first group doing the scarlet monestary, they became good friends of mine, i still miss them sometimes because we had so much fun doing dungeons together and had alot of funny and interesting convo's. I lost contact with them when i changed server.
    3. My ravenlord
    Today you see ravenlords everywhere, everyone and their moms have it but back then only druids could make it spawn (i still have that stone) and you needed a druid to make anzu come. That being said they were really rare back then they also had a drop rate of 0.4% and i did anzu every day. That day i killed it and thought "meh probably another gem" but omg "reins of the ravenlord" i stared at my screen for 5 minutes, it was my first rare mount ever. I kept getting wispers "whoa where did you get that mount" "sweet mount dude" etc etc.
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    • First Orc I killed, I was with my trusty Dwarf and I genuinely thought it was a player. Then I saw copies of that "player" in the background and realized he was just another mob. Oh well, that's what you get when you start playing MMOs.
    • First time I walked into Westfall, it was nighttime and it looked so creepy, especially since everyone here was already asleep and the first mobs I saw were ugly vultures.
    • Opening of the Dark Portal, and the first time I crossed it. Being an old Warcraft 2 player, nothing in this game will ever beat that feeling. Ever.

    These are in chronological order, by the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimfrost View Post
    I kept getting wispers "whoa where did you get that mount" "sweet mount dude" etc etc.
    Wooah the times have changed, if i mount a rare mount i get death threats, they are dangerous!
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    1) Stepping into my first raid at level 58. I had joined a small guild at level 45, and leveled (as a holy pally, no less) my way up to 58 before they'd let me in. I epitomized the term "noob". Then I quickly learned my role as a "buff" class, lol.

    2) Dropping Kael'thas for the first time (pre-nerf . We'd struggled with him for weeks. Largely because one person could easily wipe the whole 20 minute encounter. When we finally dropped him the only people left were an arms warrior spamming Execute, and me, a holy pally scraping to keep him up. Awesome kill.

    3) Getting the "Immortal" title in Naxx2.0 in early WotLK. It was exhilarating down to the last second of Kel'thuzad, and when he finally dropped, pure excitement. We actually did the same thing the following week for other raiders! I was always proud of this, because it depended on such teamwork and vigilance. Did "Undying" later, but it seemed much easier with 10 vs 25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rose1686 View Post
    3. Having my roomates log onto my account, put all my gear in my bank and kill me in the water off the shore of darnassus haha
    did that to my mate, but left her without gear/hearthstone on the island far south of Tanaris. They don't show on the maps and few people now they existed, she had NO idea where the hell she was.

    to add another on mine.

    4. Was in a guild group in SW waiting for raid and saw This little doggy run by. Put tricks of the trade on my GM and then threw a knife at the puppy. My Guildmaster was VERY confused why a tiny dog ran up and angrily one shotted him
    Luckily by the time he worked out what had happened he found it funny, and used misdirect.

    5. Healing Sunken temple as a rogue with bandages.
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    1. When I first started playing, I just ran around... Exploring the world :P

    2. Raiding Kara with my old wow friends.. Miss those days.

    3. I'm going to have to say killing lich king and doing the achievements in icc with my old guild Conflict on Sargeras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspect of Death View Post
    Wooah the times have changed, if i mount a rare mount i get death threats, they are dangerous!
    I never had that, i do get ALOT of questions about my feldrake though.
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    In no particular order:

    1) First time as a low level night elf I made the run from Menethil harbor to Ironforge.

    2) Getting the Onyxia mount but on a 4th alt with a random roll of 100

    3) Killing C'thun (at the appropriate level) and walking away with the ring of the God slayer.

    BONUS - Completing the hunter solo quest before it it was made easier.
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    1) Having fun doing 25 man raids
    2) Blizzard ruining 25 man raiding
    3) The day when 25 man raiding returns

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    1. Ulduar 25m HM, fighting Thorim. This is our 10th attempt and the last for the night(First or second night), the fight is going swimmingly, the two teams have cmpleted the first section and we are moving on to the actual tanking phase of the fight. Unluckily for us at about 25% the tank goes down from a frostbolt(Teleporting lady HM Mechanic), so it's just about wipe mode.. or is it. So the boss is bouncing back and forth for a moment before finally settling on me(Rogue), I get incredibly lucky and I dodge the first few attacks, leaving me enough time to bring up evasion. In a mass of panic and confusion with our healers shouting asking who was tanking(As I wasn't taking any damage), dodge after dodge after miss keeps coming, the boss is now enraged. I only have a few seconds left on my evasion. His health is teetering at about 5% as my raid members go down. As evasion is coming down the boss falls over dead with me, a few ranged, and 2 healers wondering what the hell had just happened.

    2. ToC HM 10 man: Similair situation as the last one. We are on Anub with no wipes so far(Going for mount), progress through the fight as usual until we hit the last 15% or so. Anub(For those of you who did not fight him) had an extreme leeching mechanism as well as spawned adds. So the more people taht were up, the more health he was leeching and obviously as DPS go down this can be an issue. So it ends up 15% HP on Anub, with me left, evasion tanking this thing. Now at the time I was DPSing him faster then he could leech me and I was popping pots and whatever I had to stay alive. Our shaman Healer who had gone down before looks at whats going on and screams "ANKHING", he pops up and starts healing me as I'm tanking anub. In between healing he starts dotting the boss. Just before he hit enrage(Lots of close situations for him actually) the shaman that had ankhed up pops heroism and we down Anub, just the two of us left. I've never heard vent explode like that before except when we had downed 1 Light in the Darkness.

    3. The WOTLK event. I still have the same haunted memento on my character that I did once I got it during the event and still wear my Argent tabard. I have yet to take the memento off.

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    1) Missing server 1st Ragnaros by an hour.
    2) Crashing the funeral with Serenity Now on Illidan.
    3) The ramp of awfulness in MC

    Loads of other stuff but that is what came to mind initially.

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    opening the dark portal. i was level 17 at the time and had no idea what was going on, but it was fun to watch.
    opening of the isle of QD.
    my first raid, karazhan. was so nervous.
    ulduar opening was pretty memorable too.


    oh shit, how could i forget epic AV? of course it was a little different in BC, but it was still far better than it is now.

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    1. PvPing for the 1st time on my first toon (Nelf Warrior) back in Vanilla.
    2. Playing as a melee hunter because I had never played a hunter before in Vanilla.
    3. Obtaining my Winterspring Frostsaber mount back when it actually required effort to get.

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    First time I saw Katrina Prestor unmasked in Stormwind, after escorting Reginald Windsor through town.

    When my raid killed Ossirian for the first time; I felt like if we could do that, we could do anything. In hindsight, he doesn't seem that hard but man did he seem challenging back in the day.

    Walking through the Dark Portal at midnight on Burning Crusade launch.

    Honourable mention: the Alliance boat ride into Howling Fjord, with the beautiful scenery and the epic music.
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    1. My 1st mount at level 40.

    Oh boy what a feeling I had after all that time running, when I summoned my Horse for the first time... freedom feeling!

    2. Tanking my first raid boss : Kel'Thuzad

    After DPSing the whole TBC (joined late), Ive decided to try tanking in WOTLK and enjoyed it a lot, but found that it was not an easy job and responsabilities was coming with it. After gearing myself with heroic dungeons for weeks and weeks, a friend of me whispered telling me that his guild needed a tank, they were at KT, all good DPS and crazy healers, so they were doing the fight with only one tank actually. I said : "You kidding me ? Solo tank KT, the final Naxx boss, with someone that never tanked in any raid... ever?". Then I said yes because I was too excited and after 1 wipe because of me not grabbing threat on 1 of the 2 adds in phase 3, we killed KT on 2nd try. Was so excited that I forgot to loot my emblems!"

    3. My first Arena Rating Achievement

    As a casual PvE player during WOTLK and early Cata, Ive discovered PvP and how arena could be fun! Yes it was just a 1550 rating achievement in 2v2, but I was proud of it, especially because I was stuck at 1300 rating for months, lol!

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    Hmmm...hard to confine it to 3, but I think its doable.

    1. Logging in for the first time on release day with my wife. We made a Hunter/Warlock pair because we were a dedicated pair used to small group play being needed for leveling after playing Everquest for years. Turns out we were wrong and ended up retiring those chars after hitting 60 to level 3 different sets of Tank+Healer. It was a whole new world from what we were used to and spending years exploring it started with a few steps...and then one stupidly long run from Darnassus to Stormwind by me wherein I died over 20 times and spent more time as a wisp than as an elf.

    2. Second big moment would have to be the first epic we saw. As I said, we leveled together and we were in Un'Goro Crater on the aforementioned Hunter/Lock pair when she starting squealing and bouncing in her computer chair. I look over and see her loot window open with a Lei of Lilies showing in it. I gave her a quick hug and told her it was all hers. She was so excited, I haven't forgotten it after all these years and hopefully never will.

    3. One of my first solo characters was an Undead Mage back in the original honor system on a PVP server. When farming for the AQ gates was a big deal, people often farmed in Silithus. I was there along one day when I got jumped by a pack of three people. CC had no DR back then so I proceeded to keep the caster poly'd while I kited 2 melees around for nearly 5 minutes wearing them down while playing with my mana conservatively. Finally got the two of them while keeping enough of my mana to be able to burn the caster down really quick before the other two managed to get back to their corpses and rez on me. I left that area right afterwards knowing that a win like that was going to earn me nothing more than a quick pounding by a full group and then likely being camped.

    Honorable mention goes to the many, many times that my wife and I spent in Hillsbrad fighting between Tarran Mill and Southshore. No matter what time of day it was, there was always tons of skeletons in that area from the constant PVP, even on our PVE server.
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    1. Killing the Lich King on my Deathknight.. finally getting revenge for what he did at the starter area
    2. One of my last wipes on Sindragosa before finally killing her.. my raid froze writing "NUB" with about 15 people - NOT PLANNED :O
    3. Can't decide......
    # Clearing Dalaran on Jaina's command after what happened with the bell Garrosh's people stole
    # Being a flame ball OF DEATH slaying DOZENS of Gnomes in Uldum.. god i LOVED this quest
    # Winning an arena match 12 seconds before the game would've been closeed by having critluck on that damn healdruid
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    1. Soaring through the sky for the first time in the skies of Nagrand
    2. Admiring the northern lights of Howling Fjord while traveling on the sky line to Tuskar village along side my boyfriend.
    3.Being immersed in Culling of Stratholme's story after having played through the mission in Warcraft 3, only for the immersion to be broken by the lame arthas sound alike Blizzard cheaped out with.

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    1. Running from Menethil Harbor to Ironforge for the first time with a night elf

    2. Killing A'lar after 1½ months of attempts in T4 gear (+loot reaver gear)

    3. Kiting General Drakkisath in 10man UBRS as a hunter

    Bonus 4. Getting my first character to level 40 and getting a cat mount with the help from couple guildmates.

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    1.) Dying to the green spiders in the cave in Shadowglen. They were aggressive, not neutral, mobs back in the day, you didn't have an NPC helping you, and they were so densely packed they often pulled in groups. I was playing a hunter, and, since you didn't get a pet until level 10, I had to try to melee them to death (kiting was much harder, because hunters didn't autoattack while moving). It was my first death of the game, and I'll never forget it.

    2.) Defending Sentinel Hill from the player-ghouls during the Wrath event. I single-handedly killed the 3 ghouls who were terrorizing the town, but I was infected during the fight. I heroically ran out of town before I was transformed, and then I used the ghoul explode to kill myself. It was all very touching.

    3.) Defeating the Lich King with my guild. I was a freshman in college with bronchitis, but I stated up til 2am, and we finally got him. Easily the most memorable and rewarding kill of my WoW career, because I was actually invested in the boss' lore and the fight was epic.

    Honorable mentions:

    Through the Dark Portal for the first time. BC was the WoW expansion I knew the least about when it launched, so seeing the landscape from WC3 was incredible.

    Getting my Nightsaber mount at level 40. I worked so hard to get the money for it for like a week, just grinding elementals in Arathi Highlands, because they dropped the most valuable vendor trash and a chance of greens/blues, along with some crafting materials that could be sold.
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