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    Does wow require to many binds?

    Recently I went trough my binds for 1 alt and my druid. Basicly It was just a little tweaking, but it ended up giving me 3 new binds.

    By now I feel like its getting to bloated, that for every exspansion that comes out, we haft to use more and more binds, and often they aint optional.

    I know it can be very different from class to class, but as a feral druid I really cannot cut down on the binds I have, and I even use a mouse for more binds.

    Here's a simple pic off my binds: (Took picture as tank specced, few binds differ from kitty, but not less binds sadly)

    For anyone familiar with druid you can clearly see I don't really have anything wierd binded, that shouldent be there (I wont use every bind inn PVE - But they might come handy elsewhere). With bad binds, and small hands it often end up being an unpleasent gaming exsperience. I can even feel like I get pains inn my thumb more easy, after a gaming session.

    TLDR; 1 2 3 4 5 ½ q e r t f v b Shift + q w e r t z x c 1 2 3, F1 F2 F3 F4, and my mouse that has tab target, mounts etc witch makes my binds in total around 30. Is that to much, or just fine?

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    If you have things like mounts for binds, then I'm sure you have other things you don't really need. You could slim down a bit.

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    You can also use control+a key

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    I think it sometimes borders on bind-bloat. I have 18 binds that I use for most specs and characters, and at times it is incredibly difficult to have all the abilities I need to have at the ready on those buttons.

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    I don't think that WoW requires too much binds. It's just the players who are acting as if you had to bind every single little thing in order to be a good player. I don't bind nearly as much as some people do. I use 1-6, F1-F6, R, T, Z, U, F, G, H, J, K, the period and comma keys, one mouse button, and a couple of binds that aren't used in combat (mount, hearthstone, dungeon finder, stuff like that). I think that's already a lot. Nobody needs that much shit, except for high end arena playing maybe.
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    30? I have 49 Atm some aren't really useful but most are so if i cut away the less useful ones i'd have around 46 and i still have enough keybinds i could use maybe more annoying ones but you can easily put 30+ on your keyboard/mouse(if you have a good gaming mouse)

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    May I suggest using alt, control and shift binds? You could also use 'f' and 'g' instead of 'z' and 'x', they are a lot easier. In cata I felt there was too much shit to bind, but in mop they really trimmed down your spellbook and for the first time since I started playing I have more binds than I have stuff I need to bind. This goes both for my Warlock, my 70 twink rshaman and my alt feral druid (who is still 85, have updated binds UI though).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zogarth View Post
    You can also use control+a key
    That is true, but I feel like ctrl is less optional than shift! Im afraid Ill hit shift instead of ctrl inn heated combat ^^ I do wish I could use ctrl + q -t or 1-5, but I feel like ctrl is to far down for my little hand sadly.

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    you could get a mouse that has 12+ binds, I found it very convenient when I used to play a lot more. You use less keyboard binds, and for me, 'F' keys always felt awkward/uncomfortable; so with shift/modifiers, you can get most stuff done with 1-5/6 and the mouse buttons

    It does have a lot of binds for a lot of the classes/specs. It is a difficulty new players have to overcome, and players with waning dedication get tired of. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, and a lot of other games have as many binds (Rift, SWtOR) while Tera specifically I believe, iirc, has the fewest I've seen, and even less with their activation feature.

    If you go for a mouse with more buttons, make sure it is not restrictive, I've not tried very hard, but, the 'WoW' mouse I was gifted, with 15 buttons or so, doesn't seem to play well with other games ... can get the basic few extra to work, but again, I didn't try much at all, since I have a different mouse I prefer to use for those games anyway.

    You don't have nearly as much as I had in the past, I used to bind everything. Now, I take the game less seriously, and also don't bind things that aren't necessary either. I had soulwell, summon portal, etc like that bound, including doomguard summon and infernal, because I was a warlock who earned those spells back in the day I used to get flack for having soooo much crap when I let someone see my old UI

    I think we need a spell/ability 'culling'; but that is going to have to be on a new xpac, and that is going to get a lot of QQ, because some people are attached to a lot of things, even if not needed.

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    Don't try to bind something to ALT+F4.

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    Personally i would like to have much less buttons. I have not bound every skill, but still have ~3 bars bound and using ctrl+ and shift+ too.

    I have no problems with rotational abilities, but i don't like a bit having many cooldowns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeropeorth View Post
    I think we need a spell/ability 'culling'; but that is going to have to be on a new xpac, and that is going to get a lot of QQ, because some people are attached to a lot of things, even if not needed.
    I kinda feel like this aswell. It's also no wondor balance between classes are useally abit rough, when a new exspansion launched, when we keep getting more abblities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletroll View Post
    Personally i would like to have much less buttons. I have not bound every skill, but still have ~3 bars bound and using ctrl+ and shift+ too.

    I have no problems with rotational abilities, but i don't like a bit having many cooldowns.
    Yep, CD's are also one off my big problems. They can be a fun game element, but now days it feels like we got to many. I know I macro'd my beserker and talent CD together on my druid, and macro'd the same way on my alt.

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    For some classes perhaps...especially pvp terms
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    I can see this thread turning into I HAS MOAR BINDS THAN YOU ^^

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    I barely use any binds. In fact if you think wow uses too many binds then you should go try FFXI where everything had to be done with key binds. Evry ability you had was on a 1-10 and shift 1-10 key bind and you could use another key to cycle down through 12 more sets of 1-10 + shift 1-10 keybinds and it was not uncommon to have a set of those for every class you played and you played 2-4 classes based on what your main class was. Every ability typically had a string of code you would set to activate it on your target or yourself, half of them would be declare to the party on party chat channel so they knew what you were doing and 25% of them would end in a timer that would /tell you when your ability was ready to be used again because they don't have handy little action bars with images that would show when they are ready to be used again. If you wanted to play ffxi you had to learn the macro language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    Don't try to bind something to ALT+F4.

    I remember once disconnecting right before the arena started because I had some buff on F4 key and some other thing on alt + something

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    I only bind the things I would use during a fight, the rest I just click like mounts, longer buffs etc.

    The binds I use are: q, e, r, t, f, g, x, c, v ,| ,1 , 2, 3, 4, alt-1, alt-2, alt-3, shift-mousewheelup, shift-mousewheeldown, alt-mousewheelup, alt-mousewheel down, shift-space..

    May forget some, but thats the basic
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    buy a naga that solves your problems. i have 37 binds 14 on naga alone and im totally fine with that and i dont need a shift/alt/ctrl+ something keybind that leads to misclicks. fuck i even had to dps a few times and made fun of it without using my keyboard. was 4th in dps just using my naga xD
    Edit: my binds
    1-14 on naga
    ^ 1 2 3 4 5 6 f1 f2 f3 f4 f g h r t c v z x < q e and some others that arent required for fights like m n b, . - ü p o *
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    If you have mounts binded, we obviously dont have too much binds.

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    I don't think it's too many binds you only use some at one time anyway.

    I have 6 bars fully bound without any issues and i don't go further on my keyboard than the 6 key.

    I have all classes at 90 all fully keybound using this method and all are insanely easy to memorize since my hotkeys are universal.

    ` stun
    1 spell
    2 spell
    3 CD
    4 spell
    5 spell
    6 taunt
    q regen like rune tap life tap word of glory
    e interupt
    r spell
    t escape eg vanish roll lichborne
    y mount
    u focus
    f CC
    g trinket
    h major CD eg army of dead traanquility
    j bandage
    \ burning rush
    z slow
    x normal heal
    c big heal
    v panic heal
    shift 1 water walk path of frost
    shift 2
    shift 3 CD
    shift 4
    shift 5 imp aspect of daze
    shift q CD
    shift w surivaal cd and healthstone macro
    shift e
    shift r
    shift t pets ect
    shift a horn of winter warrior shout ect
    shift s dot
    shift d dot
    shift f
    shift g pet
    shift h flight form zen cloud
    shift z phsyical cd icebound fortitude ect
    shift x
    shift c spell cd AMS twilight ward
    shift v heal death pact ect
    ctrl 1-3 pet default control
    crtl 4 aoe ie death and decay rain of fire
    crtl q stance
    ctrl w battle ress
    crtl e stance
    crtl r
    crtl t pet
    ctrl a
    crtl s
    crtl d
    crtl f aoe heal chain heal blood boil ect
    crtl g buff / stance
    ctrl z racial
    crtl x
    crtl c doomguard
    crtl v

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    Ever tried playing feral in PvP (while being as optimal as you can be ofc)?

    I'm counting 34 binds no-modifiers, 27 with shift-modifier and 5 with ctrl modifier. In total 66 keybinds... excluding arena targetting/focusing macros and all other macros which aren't linked to real abilities.

    So yeah, I think WoW has many keybinds. Especially for PvP. But even for PvE you have quite some abilities you have to bind. Especially binds like cres and other emergency CDs.

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