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    [Music] Some South African music I ran into at a party last night. Accordeon&stuff

    Now here gets wierd.

    Next one is off-topic a bit, but the host had the idea of projecting this scene onto a wall with the volume maxed out. Completly changed my mind about accordeons. Before I always seen them like an anoying whiny instrument. But dem french managed to make it cool.

    The scene is from a french movie called Holy Motors. The louder you play it the better it becomes (In my opinion).
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    Holy Motors was one of the best movies released in 2012. Emotionally powerful, extremely creative, authentic and beautiful, have never seen a movie before quite like this one. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't experienced it yet.

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    I've seen both the Kongos and Die Antword playing live. Personally I find DA to try too hard to seem hardcore don't give a kak mofos and the Kongos start to sound very samey
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    Die Antwoord is 'freaky', but the music in 'fatty fatty boom boom' is absolutely amazing. I'm not a huge fan of new rap but Die Antwoord is entertaining, at the very least.

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    Can't forgot these amazing South African bands/artists:

    Fokofpolisiekar, amazing Afrikaans punk rock band. Van Coke Kartel is a good similair band.

    Jack Parow, another "Zef"-rapper

    Die Heuwels Fantasties

    Might be a little bit hard to enjoy if you can't understand Afrikaans, but in my opinion really good music
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    So after a while I've realize that I kind of like Die Antwood, but I could really do with out their videos.
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    Heard of Die Antwood about a year ago, its different in a good way, but at first you look at it strange

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