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    [Comic/Movie] LFG Movie Back in the Works!

    I'm not particularly sure exactly how many people in this community have heard of the web-comic Looking For Group (self-explanatorily abbreviated "LFG"), but as no one really seems to mention it and the search function had no results related to their upcoming movie project, I figured I'd make the thread in celebration!

    For those of you unfamiliar, LFG is a continuous story web-comic that, as you can imagine, parodies the cliches and themes of popular RPGs (whether they be MMO, single-player online, or pen&paper based). Way back when in 2008, the LFG team announced that they were going to make an independent animated movie based on the comic, and then things went to hell when the animation studio they hired went bankrupt and the project came to an abrupt halt for more than 4 years. The movie, like the comic, would have been highly comedic in nature, and would also have contained musical elements, such as those made famous in their musical short "Slaughter Your World" that became popular nearly five years ago:

    WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS SOME VIOLENT ELEMENTS INCLUDING DECAPITATION, FACE-MELTING, AND ANIMAL CRUELTY. Watch at your own risk. On a lighter note, it is sung to the tune of "Part of Your World" from the little Mermaid

    The makers of the comic have decided that the time is ripe to try again, and have begun financing another musical short, entitled "This Is War", as a teaser for the movie. Personally, I couldn't be more excited, as I have followed LFG for years and am a huge fan of all of their characters. I hope the project gets through to completion this time, and the fan base of the comic seems to be very supportive of the project, so with any luck soon enough we'll be seeing a full length LFG movie!

    For Pony!

    Note to Mods: I don't post threads often (read:at all), so if this is in the wrong place I apologize. I chose this forum because of the movie nature of the topic, but if there is a more appropriate place for it feel free to move it. Also, I did search for LFG in the search feature... but you can imagine what results that turned up, so I apologize if this is a duplicate thread.
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