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    Affliction is the best pvp spec in the game. There is no substitute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhatred View Post
    I remember when we had far less defensive options and affliction was the only spec you could play competitively in pvp and when people failed to use those tools correctly and complained about being terrible they were told otherwise. I also remember when this mmo-c warlock community wasn't full of the people it has now. Makes me glad I main switched, I will probably not come here anymore due to being full of flaming and armory heroes. You were good while it lasted I guess.
    In cataclysm, warlocks had a passive 20-25% damage reduction from soul link and 30% extra healing taken, there was no need for many defensive cooldowns since we didn't really need them as long as we had a healer with us.
    And destruction was very good as well, just not for arena due immolate being dispelled, but it was amazing for both ranked as unranked battlegrounds.

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    T2 full malevolent multiple gladiator warlock; already gearing up my mage and leveling my shadowpriest in preparation for 5.2.

    Not risking another wasted season like 5.0 has been.

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    Blue post: warlocks and mages are keeping the blanket on their interrupts, much QQ was had.
    When Dalaran is ashes, mage, you have my permission to die.

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