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    Hitting 20% crit doing LFR

    Howdy fellow warriors. I was just curious as to how many of you fury warriors have been able to hit 20% crit doing LFR only. That magic number seems to elude me by 2%. Hit and expertise I found to be easily capped and even running various reforging programs, I can't seem to squeeze any crit out of my current gear. Do I need to run Normals in order to remedy this?

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    Gem for crit and if you really want that 20% crit, get 2handers with crit rating.
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    It is possible, full raid buffed im right around 22% in full lfr, valor, and sha gear. I cant post up my armory link because of post count but look me up:

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    There is no 'magic number'. People simply want black/white answers and are attracted to nice round numbers resulting in this notion that there is a 'magical' tipping point at 20%.

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    Going TG will get you past 20% if you really desire it. Difference in dps only really gets noticed during execute and possibly in the opener. So that's probably your best bet if you really want that 20%.

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