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    no more love for Sharpshooter?

    After an extended leave from the game, I see that a lot of DH builds around now don't touch this talent. Is it because something was changed, or are most players at a gear level where it doesn't make sense anymore?
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    I don't know about demon hunters, but with 44% crit, my monk crits every second. Sharpshooter wouldn't be adding any crit chance to your stats if the same is true on your demon hunter. Even at 30%, it's probably worthless. Good at low levels, bad at 60 when you can probably get a couple million gold and have too much crit for it.

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    The new sharpshooter gives you +3% base chance and stacks, before you would have to wait a sec for it to give the initial 3%.

    The down side is you can no longer abuse slow attacks like nether/ball, where you spam out 12 before the first hits the target, giving all 12 a 100% crit chance (if you let stack prefight).

    Most players were abusing the bug and its not nearly as good now compared to other passives.

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    I believe chadwix is correct, SS used to be popular because of nether tentacles. It's still not a bad DPS passive but if you're doing 200k+ on sheet DPS without, you probably don't need it.

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