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    Just getting into Diablo...Need Help.

    This is my very first Diablo game. I actually have no experience of any of the previous games or even the franchise itself. It is also a first game in this genre. I've played MMOs and that to its only been WoW but this is something totally new.

    I have been reading a lot of negativity about the game but am taking it a bit slow.

    Is there any advice someone could give me for a game of Diablo's size or anything I should keep in mind?

    I am just getting into Diablo and decided on the Demon Hunter cause its always been one of the classes I've wanted in WoW.

    I've played the starter edition till around level 8 and quite enjoyed the class.

    However, is there anything I should keep in mind regarding Demon Hunters.

    Like what kind of stats should I focus on and what type of gear am I looking at?


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    For Demon Hunters you want the following stats on your items.

    Crit Damage
    Crit Chance
    Attack Speed

    When you get to level 60 and start doing the harder content, you will need different items with an expanded stat set. But this should get you there quickly.

    Remember when you get a good amount of gold ~ by the time you hit 30, You should be able to afford items with the affix "Reduce Level Requirement". This will allow you to equip items that were meant for players at a much higher level and will make you feel godly.

    Ohh and convince some friends to play with you. All diablo games are boring as hell solo. I dont like playing any blizzard game solo.

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    For leveling, you're not going to need much more than Dex, Vitality, and maybe some bonus experience to make your leveling quicker. Once you hit 15, head pieces, chest, legs, and weapons can have sockets on them. Fill up the chest and legs with dex and vitality gems, the head piece with a bonus XP gem, and your weapons with bonus damage gems, and you'll have an easier time. You can nab legendary items with different stats, but until you hit 50 or so, that 4% attack speed and that 10% crit damage with low crit chance don't really do much.

    Once you hit 42, you can start getting level 60 gear with reduced level requirement. Most importantly, try to find a good weapon with it. 600+ dps should be cheap to get. You'll breeze through your last levels.

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    For leveling indeed concentrate on Dex and Vit. Only after reaching the higher levels the importance of Crit Chance and Crit Damage get more important.

    Also attack speed becomes relevant at lvl 60. the IN game stats tracer is not very good, since putting up Crit will make your character stronger but this is not indicated by the "green" or "red" condition of the gear/ On the web there are dozens of tracking tools that can help you to better your avatar (from YOUR D3's armory).

    2 tips:

    In the options click on "elective mode" so the skill system opens up with thousands more combos. You would be surprised how few play with an elective mode "on".

    Also in the options mode: do click "enable monster power" play...

    MP play will allow you to LEVEL with 11 (!) different Monster power challenges (introduced since patch 1.05).

    So even at the start, the easy game can be turned harder: a GREAT advantage is that you'll level extremely fast AND gain access to very good gear early on (through the MP0-10 mechanic). I always level with MP10 until mid Nightmare in Hardcore and it gives a few Legendaries early on !

    Have fun.

    EDIT: After you reach lvl 60 and Inferno, don't hesitate to go in public groups. The first couple of time you'll "hang in" there, but public grouping is an ideal way to make gold and find new gear fast.

    All grouping games are in MP0 diffculty so it is FAST and if careful you can go along. Grouping in Diablo 3 takes exactly one second and is complete free without idiots running around about gearscore.

    Start in Act 1 for a few days, then advance - in group mode - along the other Acts. ALready after a few days/week you will be able to down Diablo Inferno ... and then the game will restart by going through Paragon levels.

    Also : it is good to go for 2 sets at max level: one with 200+ Magic Find in group modes and one with highest DPS out put (solo mode).

    Use the AH only for a good weapon: grind all the rest (in group mode).
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    For a demon hunter focus on stats as fallows DEX>Crit chance>Crit damage>attack speed then vit and all resist. IF you want and are on US servers I could AK run you to spike your lvl I get bored alot.... Ive leveled my brother from 1-60 in less then 3 hours quite easy and fast that's if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post

    Use the AH only for a good weapon: grind all the rest (in group mode).
    Six years later, he's still stuck on MP0.

    Auction house is your friend. It's not like you're spending the money on anything else.

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    Which of the classes is easier to start with ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wynterlyn View Post
    Which of the classes is easier to start with ?
    all of them are easy, just pick the one you like most

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