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    Item goes missing after cancelling the auction - what should I do ?

    So, after cancelling an auction for an item worth around 3-400 million gold, my brother got an error and the item never appeared in the stash, or the item list.
    What should I do? Ticket submitting seems broken in D3, I've tried looking there, but it's mostly a standardized helper. You can't really open a ticket like you can in Wow.
    Anyone has any idea? Except waiting for the auction to normally "end" and maybe the item will appear then.
    He has also looked on the auction house for that certain item, and it's not there.
    Please, if you've heard of anything similar, feel free to share your knowledge.

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    Wait. That's all you can do. It'll show up

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    Well okay, you could also open up a ticket with Blizz but odds are, they'll just tell you to do the same thing I just said which is to wait
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    You were actually right, even though I thought about it, you can never be too sure that bugs will eventually decide to work as intended It appeared in the stash after many hours.

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