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    Question Combat Weapon setup

    Hey guys,

    I've been going over and over it again but i'm still not quite sure which weapons are more viable in Combat specc.
    Atm i'm using Fist/Fist (2.60 spd) since i also like to do some PVP ( yes in combat ) i sometimes find myself out of energy in the middle of a fight.
    So i was wondering if this problem can be solved by using a 1.80 spd dagger. But then again won't my killing spree burst dmg be affected by having a dagger in offhand.

    Thing is i've been unlucky to get a descent dagger in MOP so i haven't had the chance to test it myself I could use some information about this from ppl who know more about this then i do

    So it all comes down to this = FIST/FIST or FIST/DAGGER to prevent Energy starvation (if possible) and prevent Dmg loss

    Thanks in advance`

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    There's no difference (in regards to energy returns) between slow/slow and slow/fast. The Combat Potency proc-rate has been normalized, thereby granting you the same amount of procs/min with a slow weapon as you'd have had with a fast one.

    The only real difference is poison application (you land more Deadly Poison with a faster weapon) and Killing Spree (a heavier off-hand hit during the Spree). This is only a minor difference, however. We're talking like 1~% I think?

    PRO TIP: Slow/slow looks better, I'd say, and is therefore way to go.

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    Sustained dps is very similar between the two weapon setups - also combat potency is normalized and the amount of energy regenerated should be more or less the same.

    Imho go slow/slow, you are gaining burst damage and using a dagger won't bring and substantial advantage.
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    Mmmm Thanks for the extra information . 1% dmg isn't that much but it might give you the upperhand in a pvp battle i guess. altho the effect might also be countered by the amount of poison proccs... alot of stuff 2 think about and take in concideration i guess

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    Slow/Slow is noticeably superior for combat pvp. First, you may be using wound, which is lower damage than deadly and so the dagger's strong suite is weaker, second the sustained damage of poisons is generally worth less than the burst damage of killing spree, which is sizeably buffed as slow/slow combat. In a pve patchwerk situation, slow/slow does actually pull ahead slightly. I use slow/fast in pve, because I'm only combat on certain fights, and on those fights I cannot guarantee a spree on cooldown- I believe I get more out of the offhand dagger in those situations.

    Your energy issues MIGHT be helped SLIGHTLY. As was pointed out, the % chance per hit of gaining energy is much higher with a slow offhand than a fast one, and over the course of a minute you'll gain about the same amounts. However, you do have a lot more hits, so the flow of energy will be smoother and easier to utilize with a fast offhand. This is a pretty small difference, however- combat will go ooe in pvp a decent amount of time when cools are down anyway. Combat seems eternally stuck at green 2 with 33 energy and 2 combo points- somehow that's always how it goes down lol.

    The other reason that slow/slow is superior in pvp for combat (and why I prefered it back in Cata) is that you spend a lot of time being off target, on target, off target. Your "hello" damage is higher with slow slow, and if your weapons are the same speed then you'll often see them strike at the same time, essentially giving you more damage that matters. If you swing with both weapons and I step away from you 1.5 seconds later, your slow slow thing hit me twice for two "big" hits, and your slow fast thing hit me twice, one "big" and one "little". If I stay away from you for 1 whole second before you close in, your slow/slow setup will have a .1 second delay, then attack again with both "big" hits, but your fast/slow thing had already lost dps- your offhand wanted to strike at 1.8 but couldn't, so it fires right away, and then .1 second later your mainhand does. Net effect: you are doing more damage with slow/slow- it is less subject to white hit interruption and step-aways, as slow/fast and fast/fast are highly vulnerable to autoattack disruption. Note that this will be minimized with shuriken throw.

    I pvp as sub this patch, and I can't make 2200 like normal so I don't have access to useful weapons in that regard, but this has been my experience in the past and MoP changes only make slow/slow the better option in combat pvp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubberpiggie View Post
    Mmmm Thanks for the extra information . 1% dmg isn't that much but it might give you the upperhand in a pvp battle i guess. altho the effect might also be countered by the amount of poison proccs... alot of stuff 2 think about and take in concideration i guess
    Verain covered this in detail but without saying this outright: it's more than 1% in PvP. In PvE, the difference in our modeling is around 1%. In PvP, where more damage is loaded to KS and less to sustained auto-attacks, the difference is larger.

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    I want to thank you all for the information given above it was very usefull. Slow/Slow it is Thanks again for the info.

    Have a nice day.

    Kind regards

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