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    [H] <Church of RNG> 9/16H - 3 Nights - LF Exceptional DPS

    <Church of RNG> is actively seeking 1-2 exceptional DPS (Warlock, Mage, Ele/Boomkin with resto OS, Rogue). This is a core raid spot. Apply at RNG.guildomatic.com!

    Raid Schedule:
    Tues, Weds, Thurs 8pm-12am Server (Central). We are strict with this schedule. We do not add in extra mandatory raid days like many "3 day" raiding guilds around that are actually raiding 4 or 5.

    Guild Information:
    Church of RNG is one of the oldest guilds on US-Cho'gall. We have a strong history of progression raiding dating back to WotLK. We have always raided 3 days a week, as we believe that some hard work and research outside of raid times allows us to enjoy a life beyond sock pooping without sacrificing the fun hard mode progression that we all love.

    Historically, we have been a 25-man raiding guild, including being one of only 3 guilds on the server to earn Light of Dawn when it was current content. Recently we've decided to tackle 10-man raiding while carrying the tradition of excellence formed years ago. Since the switch, we have soared through fights and quickly climbed up in server ranks. We fully expect to be by far the top 3 day raiding guild on the server, and we are well on our way to meeting this goal.

    What We Are Looking For:
    Because of our moderate raid schedule but strong thirst for hard mode progression, we expect a lot out of our raiders. We are very competitive with parse ranks, which keeps us all striving to be the top players of our class in the world. You should be striving to do the same.

    Despite a serious attitude towards performance, we love to joke and tease. This is a game, and we play it to enjoy ourselves. We want people who can take a joke if not make even better ones. Laughter plays a crucial role in our raids, as it keeps us wanting to raid when wiping on difficult bosses. We are friends and seek long-term members rather than a revolving roster.

    Finally, we are looking for mature raiders. We're not babysitters, and we don't want to hear that your mommy grounded you from the computer. Some of us are married and have kids. Be in control of your time so that we have the consistency needed for continued success.

    If this sounds like a place you want to raid, then sign up at our site and let us know through our application or contact Sheitan. We will consider any class and spec when it comes to skilled and dedicated players.

    Contact Info:
    (o) Real ID: Sheytan#1932
    (o) Sign up at RNG.guildomatic.com and fill out our brief application via the forums, and we will get back to you.

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    Bump! Looking for 1 great DPS. Feral would be purrfect, but we're fairly flexible and open as long as the skill is there!

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