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    Wifi Solution

    I'm looking for a new wifi solution, currently using a USB airlink adapter and it's garbage, my latency will randomly go through the roof in world of warcraft, into the 4 digit range. Sometimes it is good and my latency will go down to 150 but most of the time it is above 1000 and I can't stand it anymore.

    Need advice on a solid Wifi solution, I'm thinking to move away from USB adapter, have had nothing but problems with them. Unfortunately plugging an ethernet cable direct into my computer is not an option so I'm looking for the next best thing, any help would be appreciated.

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    Laptop or pc?

    If its pc, take a wifi card (usually in pci-e)

    Usually look like this
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    Quote Originally Posted by PunisherQc View Post
    Laptop or pc?

    If its pc, take a wifi card (usually in pci-e)

    Usually look like this

    It's a desktop. Are there certain brands I should be looking at? Anything I should avoid?

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    To be honest, I would say 50% of your wifi quality will depend on having a good antennae (like the one above, or bigger), and the other 50% is simply your arrangement, which nothing can be done about really.

    Of course, some brands are 'better' than others, but really any cheapie adapter with a nice big antenna will likely do the job. I'm sure people will recommend some expensive $150 Cisco VP-5000N Extreme Geosynchronus 802.11Q-D adapter but... Pretty much a PCI-E 1x (or even PCI like above) with an antennae will be 10x better than a USB adapter without one.

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    if you want to do digging, the best is an Atheros chipset based card, 2nd best is an Intel based card (they're pretty easy to find since Intel slaps their name on everything)

    and i 2nd getting a good antenna, if you want to get specialized, for a desktop you want a uni-directional antenna, but any 5-9Db antenna will work well

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    Before getting a new wifi device you should ask yourself when the lag started happening. If it has always been 150-1k+, then yeah, maybe your wifi needs looking at.

    If not, and this just recently started, I would like to direct you to this official forum post that talks all about latency problems in WoW.
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