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    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    Its not a generalization if ive never once seen the opposite. Well, there are some good looking ones. But they just use there boobs to get stream viewers[COLOR="red"]
    You need to become familiar with the definition of the word "generalization".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightamethyst View Post
    Story time!

    About six or seven years ago a friend/co-worker of mine used to play FFXI with me. She was about 45, married with two kids (though in the process of getting a divorce.) She met a guy in game and they hit it off. They emailed and talked on the phone for close to a year and then decided to meet.

    He was going to fly out here for a week. My friend took the week off of work, made plans and arrangements and everything, and the guy never showed.

    My friend was devastated. Those of us who knew about this told her to just end the 'relationship' and move on but she really liked the guy and somehow forgave him. A few months later he was going to come and meet her again, and AGAIN he didn't show, and AGAIN she forgave him.

    That's when she decided that she was going to go out and meet him instead. Everyone kept telling her how that was an unbelievably stupid and dangerous thing to do but she did it anyway.

    When she finally met the guy she realized why he blew her off the other times. 'He' was actually a 23 year old girl. They still liked each other though and in the end 'he' came back with my friend and they moved in together. The two of them and the kids now live together and 'he' went through gender reassignment treatments to become a guy for real.
    That's too unbelievable to not be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Found someone that went to the same college as me on a random minecraft server, small world.
    I bought a Tyrael's hilt off some random WoW player. When we got to talking, turned out he lived 10 minutes from me IRL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    Its safe to say any single female playing wow is probably not desirable. However i have meet alot of regular looking guys that play wow. Whenever i hear about a girl they are either really fat or skinny/weird/awkward no social skills. Can spot em a mile away. They probably have hello kitty backpacks

    Also i kind of think its pathetic that guys pursue girls in a video game. Anytime a female would want special treatment from me i was like nooope. Had a girl bitch for 30 minutes because i got a item and she was begging me for it in whispers. Cant stand it. Sad thing is, most guys on wow are so forever alone that they comply with these wishes.
    Your contempt for women is fairly dripping down the page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nasriel View Post
    You're pathetic, that's nothing to be proud of.

    I meet plenty of guys in WoW but nobody I want to date. LDR's are just too much of a pain in the ass
    The only thing pathetic is the woman cheating on her husband over a video game. I outed her and helped her husband nip the problem in the bud. Every action has a consequence, she learned this the hard way.


    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron View Post
    Yes it is pathetic that he went along with it. She didn't really deserve it.
    You know who didn't deserve it? Her husband, he deserved better than some tramp who was having fun cheating on wow behind his back. She was a slut, was outed, and reaped the consequences.
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    Let's make America GREAT again. Trump 2016.

    The community whined and bitched and cried, they stamped their little feet and demanded faster expansion releases. They don't get to complain now that expansions are shorter.

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    By "pursuing" do you mean "climbing in her window and snatching her people up?" If so, yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    My moms friend found her current husband that way... I'm probably just stereotyping... but if most guys who play this game are fat, then that makes me inclined to believe that most girls who play are fat as well... I like fitness and well... there's not much of my kind in WoW... trust me, I've seen enough chicks in WoW to know you're better off just recognizing them by their voice or ingame name... I don't want to know what behemoth lies on the other side of that mic.
    I've met many dozens of women in MMOs whom people like you would be pining for silently if you met them. On their behalf, thank you for not trying to do so. They're better off without snotty, contemptuous people making hate-ridden assumptions about them.

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    I haven't but I know several who have several are married, living together, or stopped playing after they got together so who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zdrasti View Post
    I bought a Tyrael's hilt off some random WoW player. When we got to talking, turned out he lived 10 minutes from me IRL.
    I had a guildie that lived like 2 mins from my parents place. I knew the area he was in so well that it was kind of creepy.

    I met another (female) friend outside of WoW and found out she played later. Smoking hot (she plays Ice Hockey which keeps her fit) but socially she fits the WoW mould...

    We also met in a city that neither of us grew up in (moved 1700kms) but she moved back over Christmas and isn't coming back...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brydie View Post
    I met my current bf on wow, we've been together almost a year and a half. I also met my current house mates in wow as well. (They're another couple that met through wow as well).
    This I can well believe.

    Tbh - ok, those that raid... you have a bunch of folks you get used to hanging around with in game. You spend probably 10 hours a week with these people, it's quite natural, normal and human to "get to know" them a bit. In a work environment "getting to know" "that guy/girl in ????'s sale's department" who you ring 4/5 times a day is quite acceptable. If they ever had business reason to visit your company you'd probably do lunch/drinks or similar.
    Now these folks are actually a bit more closely bound, you "need" them for a form of (moderately) social entertainment. Get talking for a bit after raids, things click, friendships are made, beers arranged and it's suddenly "normal" socialising. Considering how much the internet permeates modern living now "meeting people on the internet" really shouldn't be so stigmatised (better than it was by a long shot but still...).
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    I knew it would be useful to be french at some point.
    Quote Originally Posted by xxAkirhaxx
    just get a mac. It's like sleeping with a fat chick to avoid STD's.

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    hm ive met quite a few. usually trying to be "sexy" in vents for extra loot in pugs. few in the guild too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psilo View Post
    Casual sex!
    This too. "Your dps is awesome, wanna fuck?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    I knew it would be useful to be french at some point.
    Quote Originally Posted by xxAkirhaxx
    just get a mac. It's like sleeping with a fat chick to avoid STD's.

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    Most women I meet are older yeah not my type. I did meet one amazing beautiful girl and she lived two states away. But she out of my league. So I never persuade that. Also I am not big in to online dating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divineknight13 View Post
    unless they look like kate beckinsale then prob not
    and lets you fuck them like its a porno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnabas View Post
    Quite the opposite here. I had a girl get me started playing wow that I already knew irl.
    Pretty much this. My gf is the one who got me into WoW. Funny thing is I had actually not known it existed even though I played Warcraft III pretty avidly.

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    Not in real life, there is one that lives near me but I have no desire to pursue anything unless for some reason Tampa is the host city for Blizzcon.

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    Met 4 of my female friends outside the game. After meeting them in game. Three of them were from my area though. I'm not really into the relationship thing. Got pretty huge social anxiety and depression and i can't get over it right now. So why bring this on others..

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    No, every female i meet ingame either turns out to be a dude irl or is the biggest bitch ever or just has no interest in me... In my last guild there were 2 girls, one just couldent be arsed to talk to me and the other one was like... AN ENEMY!! Didnt click at all. Thank fucking god that bitch left the ream !<3

    Quote Originally Posted by Excellent View Post
    Steal any bicycles today SunBakedDuck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keakee View Post
    Broad and sweeping generalizations, go!

    I'm single, I play WoW, I've met a guy and he actually flew up to see me (uh, because I'm awesome). I don't actively seek out guys ingame to date, and I don't consider myself "undesirable". I've actually known two couples that met on WoW and got married, and our raid leader is currently engaged to a girl he met on WoW six years ago. They're all awesome people.

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    I met my current boyfriend over WoW! he was in the guild as a substitute raider. We somehow ended up leveling alts together and things carried on. After a year, we met each other in person and THEN decided we would try out a long distance relationship. We see each other in between semesters for the entire break and are in constant communication in between. We know each other's friends and act like any other couple.

    WARNING!! Before readers get any funny ideas: that internet safety stuff they tell you in school is true. If you plan on meeting anyone, they will NOT be the same person you thought they were and you'll learn things you didn't know about them. Be cautious. When I travel to see people (which I do often) I personally have them send my mother a picture of their driver's license every time and will call her every night. No one has refused, and there's no reason to unless they're hiding something.

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