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    Yes. I met the girl that I live with now in WoW. She was in my guild (I was the GM) and we are really happy together (at least I am).

    We dont play WoW anymore, but we will be forever grateful to WoW (and Blizzard) that we found each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    that you really liked and ended up pursuing her or meeting her irl?
    Actually, it didn't work exactly that way for me.
    I knew the girl who is now my girlfriend, but I never pursued her, because that shit is fucking creepy online. She just talked me to now and then, but I never talked in that way.
    However, we had a large guild meet and she told me she liked me for a while, and we got drunk and magic happened. Infact, if I hadn't picked her up from the airport, maybe things would be different. I was driving to London anyway, and I thought it'd be nice to help out.
    That was 2.5 years ago, and we're still together, even though she lives in a different country, we see each other each month (Ryanair's best customers, no doubt, especially since there is NO reasonable alternative route than using them) and talk on Skype every single day.

    Then again, our guild was known for being full of women. We even had a large piece written about our guild in The Times (a national newspaper in the UK) a few years back.

    Oh, we don't play WoW any longer, I haven't played for years. We do play Guild Wars 2 occasionally, though..
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    Yes I have, there was attraction on both sides before we met, but when we met it just seemed to fade away. Now she's not bad looking and she's a nice girl and I'm not bad looking either and think of myself as a nice guy, it's just that I think the expectations were too high on both sides. We are still friends though so nothing bad happened.

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    5 years ago I met a girl online, who played with her brother. Both were guildies and the brother was a good IG pal.
    I ended up meeting her IRL and she was my girlfriend for about 18 months.
    She's married to another wow player now ^^
    Also no, she was not fat, she was a ballerina

    It's a stereotype to assume that female gamers are manly or whatever, i know tons of female players, even in games like wow, though admitedly they often ended up playing video games because of their brothers / fathers / boyfriends.

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    I met my girlfriend on WoW

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    No i just assume most females are dudes (seeing as i play mostly female toons too)
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    Meet my current gf back in tbc. A friend of ours wanted to act matchmaker and tricked us to come to his house so we could meet :P
    Been together almost 6 years.

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    What a delightful topic!

    I met my girlfriend 2 years ago while we were in the same guild farming for the "Hero of Shattrath" achievement. (anyone who knows this achievement understands why we had a lot to talk about LOL)
    Started out with friendship, she was new to the Guild and was pressured a lot by the Guild Officers and had a hard time coping with that.

    After a while friendship turned into more and I said as a joke "Well why don't you come meet me?" and she replied "Why, I might as well!"

    TL;DR version: what started out as a horrible grind turned into a very awesome relationship that is getting stronger every day since 2 years! (I'm Dutch, she's Norwegian)

    (no she's not fat, manly) But I do know a lot of female WoW players who are, and let me state: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! I actualy feel attracted to that too!

    /Dwemer out...gotta flash of light some tank.

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    WoW is awesome
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    First time I ever met anyone through the game was my current boss. He offered my husband a job (who also plays the game), and we moved halfway across the country. I now work for the same company. Have since met a few other people I met in-game. All nice people.

    Don't know of anyone personally that has gotten a GF/BF through the game though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryana View Post
    No i just assume most females are dudes (seeing as i play mostly female toons too)
    I assume every player is male unless otherwise proven (Vent helps, but you can never be 100% certain).

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