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    What pet should I use?

    I recently leveled my hunter to 90 and am beast mastery spec. I love the spec and do good dps but I was wondering if pets make a huge difference anymore. Since every pet can be every spec does it really matter on what pet I use? Currently I use a worm most of the time, a cat sometimes, a corehound if we don't have a class for bloodlust and sometimes a spirit beast. Are any of the pets currently superior to another or is it mainly preference at the moment?

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    Anyone have an opinion?

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    In my opinion wolf is the best for soloing, but if you're in a raid group you should choose pet depending on what buff the raid is missing.

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    Depends on what buffs you are missing

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    Use spiders for PvP, their root is so annoying for ennemies, for PvE ... i don't know.

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