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    Cool Cooldown reduction: New Secondary stat


    I was just thinking the other day, why not impliment more secondary stats to World of warcraft. haste, crit and mastery are all good and fun on spesific classed, but what id like to see is Cooldown reduction as a green stat. to clarify some points, the consept is taken from "league of Legends", where you can get cooldown reduction, and your abilities will then get a shorter cooldown. A lot of world of warcrafts mindset lies on cooldowns and usage of theese. we have already seen this idea to some degree, with haste reducing the cooldown on some specific retri paladin abilities. but implementing this for more classes would be a cool idea imo. of course, this would have to be a stat giving a percentage shortened cooldown on all your abilities, depending on your spesific cooldown reduction rating, just like haste/crit works today. i can see the flaws with this system though, because it could mean that with enough of this stat, you would be able to use abilities that are not supposed to be used very often to a point where they might have 100% uptime. and it might even let you have 2 of the same ability available at some points. abilities that actually have 100 % uptime possibility. like a shamans healing rain. imagine having a healing rain lasting 10 seconds, whereas the cooldown is just 6 seconds. you could theoretically have 2 healing rains up in 2 different locations, or 2 healing rains in one spot. this is not how blizzard intend theese abilities to work, i understand that, but i can not shake the feeling that having, say, a warrior bladestorm with 72 seconds cooldown instead of the usual 90 seconds.

    I am simply tossing out an idea here, and i would like your feedback on how one could make this work, or if it is too complicated to even consider.

    share your thoughts everyone!

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    Impossible to balance, already partly tied to haste.

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    would be fun, maybe could replace hit/exp since those are boring stats and usually noone pays attention to them after cap, tho with how scaling works for low lvl players (see lvl 80 paladin soloing lvl 90 raids) i wouldnt be supprised to se low lvl warriors 24/7 in lolstorm ;p

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    Haha, well yes, that could be a problem. what i was thinking was setting a cap for maximum achievable reduction. lets say 35 %. but still, getting say, a disc priest and his massive aoe shield every 46 seconds instead of every minute could be hard to balance

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    For quite a few classes, this is already tied to haste. If they were gonna tie that to ANY secondary spec, it would be haste.
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    As exciting as this would be, it would be too hard to balance.

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