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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    Is there an ignore function for these forums?
    Left click on a profilename, go to profile, add to ignore list. Would be ironic if you ignored me from now on though

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    Excellent, thanks Meledelion. I just want to read through the forums without reading some of the regurgitated bullshit from certain posters time after time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfiniteRetro View Post
    lol people preferring overflow servers ROFL i mean, even an idiot begs the question 'if they can run an overflow server WHY not actually have it as a true area instead' oh wait, they cant, mediocre coding and all.
    Oh, a true Sith! The anger is strong in you!

    OT: I like the idea of having an overflow. Instead of being stuck in a no-play queue, waiting for someone to log off, or having that horrible experience of walking into a main city and mourning your computer's hardware because of the hundred thousand players just sitting there doing nothing but chatting.

    Some people just like to focus on the negative.

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    Instanced (permanent or otherwise) zones vs contiguous world is of course a trade off.

    GW2 has better AI, the NPCs are more active, there is more scripts and a more advanced physics engine.

    Tracking the projectiles of 10K players in a server would be fun.

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