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    Heroic Garalon tips

    My group is about to test its metal against heroic Garalon and I just have a few questions. Our setup is Blood DK, BrM/WW Monk, Resto Druid, MW Monk, Aff Lock, BM Hunter, Ele/Resto Shaman, Balance/Guardian Druid, Combat Rogue and Fury Warr. Regarding pheromones stacks who should I use for this? How high should we stack it? 2 or 3 Healing? And what do you do in last phase when Tanks can't take pheromones? Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I would advice using 8 pheromone kiters/tanks to keep the stacks low ~15, so use everyone except the fury & combat. Always switch pheromone tank before the crush comes, even if the stacks arent quite at 15, the next person can probably take a bit more to cover the earlier loss. On phase two, also the two melee who didn't pheramone tanked on phase one can help pheramone tanking on phase two if needed.

    Our tanks started the pheramone tanking and when tanks were just finishing their second time pheramone tanking, phase two was about to start so it worked really well for us. We found out that, there isn't anything stopping the tanks keeping the pheromone on phase two so I don't think that is something to worry about.

    3 healers is the safest way to go, ofcourse if you are hitting the enrage timer over and over and your two healers are really good, nothing stops you going with 2. Just do pulls and try different things out to find what works for your group.

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    3 healers, after 33% there is almost nothing to heal.. as a MW monk I pull the boss, and pass pheromones 5 secs prior to first crush. I'm not sure the amount of stacks but we seem to pass it prior to every crush. As far as I know, our DK doesn't kite, and I skip my 2nd turn in rotation, but usually i have to get pheromones at the end because I'm pretty much the only one without the debuff in the 6 mins mark, but like I said, healing is pretty minimal then.

    Make sure you lust at the start. Since I was the first kiter as a healer, everybody could focus on dpsing the boss.

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