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    People always seem to so negative. I like all the fights .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post

    First week - MOP release, hit 90 and grind for 463 blues in dungeons
    Second week - cleared normal 12 (+few token if people used them) epic loot drops for 10 people and one valor point item
    Third week - heroic stone guard and feng for us

    HOF wasn't available during the second week of MOP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tramzh View Post
    People always seem to so negative. I like all the fights .
    Wowowowowowowow. WOW!

    In the midst of all these negative comments someone on this forum actually said something 100% positive. This is revolutionary guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Courierrawr View Post

    HOF wasn't available during the second week of MOP.
    He means 12 epic loot drops.

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    Ambershaper Un'sok for the construct mechanic in P2. Lost count of how many times people couldn't do it because they either had a non working UI, no timer to watch the cast or hoped to win the "I hope the boss reshapes someone else and not me" lottery.

    That and Lei Shi, the hide mechanic is just silly.

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    1. Pre-"nerf" H Spirit Kings
    2. H Amber-Shaper

    RNG instant wipe is not fun on SK. The combination of vehicles and adds and waiting around for ages in p1 makes Amber-Shaper really dumb.

    Everyone saying H Sha is cra'y cra'y. I love that fight. I thought it would be boring and shitty before I actually did it, but it's fun and challenging on 10m at least. Ignoring adds in p1 means you have to actively dodge a lot of shit, but the phase doesn't last that long. Everyone has to know wtf to do with the ball in p2 and one minor error is a wipe.

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    I'm only 9/16H at the moment, but if I had to redo all the fights I'd leave Garalon out. Just didn't care for it. Which leads me to believe that Amber shaper is going to suck very shortly..../tears
    Haven't touched WoW in almost 3 years...I'm happy to say I'm finally off it. I did just pick up GW2 though...

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    I've never hated a boss fight in WoW... the only thing I've hated are noobs... people who don't know their rotation and don't optimize their gear correctly... people who don't do enough dps and then blame some stupid reason for it... Noobs are the reason why I hate PvE... Boss fights are all the same... rehashed mechanics from previous bosses.
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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    Amber-shaper Un'sok, Protectors and Will of the Emperor.
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    Its funny seeing people complain about how "long" Sha is (13-15 min)....Vanilla and BC would like to say hi (it was pretty standard to have end bosses of a zone to be 10+ minutes long)

    On topic, H spirit kings is a pretty stupid fight imo

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    Lei Shei. Horrible boring gimmick fight

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    If you could shorten phase 1 of heroic sha to just 1 visit to each platform and then you'd get to p2, it would actually be a pretty amazing fight. at least if you gave it some proper textures in the 'underworld'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesà View Post
    It's barely 13 minutes these days.

    OT: Hate Un'sok with a passion.
    in 10 man is 13 minutes in 25 at leat 17-18

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    i feel like garalon is pretty poor design-wise

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    Heroic sha without the lei shi buff is horrible, amber shapper must say

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    I'd have to say HSha. As someone progressing on it right now, it's not overly difficult, just monotonous. Memorize dodging pattern for each platform, dodge bolts on main platform, fall asleep doing rotation until p2. zzzzz. Then it's just dpsing Sha, helping with adds, and hoping the people with the ball don't die.

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    Hc Sha's duration depends mainly on how fast do you get it to phase 2. Painfully monotonous, but there are worst:
    -Garajal on mostly blues
    -Spirit Kings without the preset order
    -Vizier can sometimes be a pain due to positioning on last phase

    But the top winner without a doubt:
    -LEI SHI: Oh! you decided to pop a cd? I'm going to dissapear now >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by manthrax View Post

    But the top winner without a doubt:
    -LEI SHI: Oh! you decided to pop a cd? I'm going to dissapear now >.<
    Lei Shi is a close 2nd for me. As a Ret, this makes me cry .

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    Absolutely hate Will, and I don't really care for Spirit Kings either.

    Zor'lok however is probably my favorite hc fight this tier.
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    Nothing has been particularly mind-numbing for me... I don't enjoy Will simply because it's so long and drawn out, but I actually dig the concept of it. Just wish it was shorter.

    If anything was a legitimate disappointment on heroic for me, it would probably be that Wind Lord is basically the same fight, but even -shorter- than normal.

    Amber Shaper was fun though that may simply be because our kill was hilarious.

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