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    I vote for amber-shaper.
    I don't like him, he doesn't like me. I have gotten into a vehicle a grand total of 1 of all of our like 40 tries(wipes or kills), while getting the healing debuff about 50% of the time. That debuff also makes it so that I cannot use nature's vigil, which would be my preferred talent on a fight like that.
    And then the driving itself.... pff.... I know I can do it with no issues. He just decides to give it to anybody else. (Have never failed and never will looking at the amount of times I have been a construct).

    I didn't hate sha that much tbh. I found it to be quite fun as a dps. As a tank however it seems boring.

    I had a revelation about tsulong when healing him on my shammy. Best fight by far. Beautiful. How everything matches with shaman abilities (my alt).
    But when being on main I am not sure about my favorite. I liked most of them.

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    Amber Shaper 10HM, fuck this RNG.
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    My guild is only 10/16H so far and we are progressing on Amber shaper atm... i can say its the worst boss we progressed on so far...

    It's probably because of the strat we use, we sit in a brainless P1 for 4 mins+ doing nothing on the boss to finaly wipe in P2 or early P3

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    After finishing HoF, standing at 13/16hc and having tried Protectors for the first night... my vote goes for...
    Grand Empress Shek'zeer

    It's the final boss of a raid and yet, it feels like a fucking gear check. Summarizing HoF, Zor'lok feels like the real endboss, having dps requirements (burn echos in P1 fast enough), movement (say hello, P2) and coordination.

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    WotE. The drop itemization is just salt in the wounds for the fight itself.

    It's probably because of the strat we use, we sit in a brainless P1 for 4 mins+ doing nothing on the boss to finaly wipe in P2 or early P3
    7 reshapes, lust 15 seconds before the 8th scalpel+reshape in p1 with only 2 pools eaten on the 6th and 7th construct resulted in us going from p2 wipes / stacks falling off un'sok to a simple 15 second burn to 9% on our first kill. Pretty much simplifies the tanks role in p2.

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    Will has to be the most boring prob up there with Sha, kinda over this whole tier. specially with 5.2 PTR in full swing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azlarn View Post
    Uhm, there really wasn't too much RNG involved, nearly everything was controllable.
    Except what the boss and add did in p2, or where the zones spawned, or the platform he chose to fly to. From my understanding, it was the choice to combos you got in p2 that made it hard, really.
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    ...Worst as in boring, or worst as in frustrating?

    I haven't killed Sha on heroic yet but as a healer Empress was errr... yeah.

    As for boring well... I guess Garajal. Nothing much changes except for X can't go in because of another X.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skillpadde View Post
    Heroic Ambershaper. Despite being 15/16hc it's still frequently skipped (and, consequently, Shekzeer heroic) by my guild due to people's utter incapability to deal with the construct properly, even after 2/3 months of doing the fight. I personally don't understand how people find it so difficult, but apparently it is, and watching the same mistakes week after week on it has to be the most soul destroying way to spend one's evening.
    However this tier overall is full of plain DULL fights. Ones that come to mind are Will, Lei Shi, Tsulong. All bore me to tears. This content really does have a lack of stimulating, interesting fights. Vizier is at least amusing, and Spirit Kings was fun until the 70th wipe due to someone triggering Darkness (and this was pre-nerf where you only actually continued with 1/4 pulls, har har LET'S RESET.)
    ^^ This. It's almost like we are in the same guild!

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