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    Gara'jal Announce (Heroic 10)

    Ok, so the addon seems simple to config. Why is it picking people with voodoo doll to go down? or not taking a healer and having a spriest offheal when a healer is available? Am not talking mid pull, am talking the first two voodoo dolls. Anyone else had issues on heroic? Thought this would make it easier, it creating chaos instead. Is it because we are 2 healing?

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    is it skipping people that have the debuff (Frail Soul)?
    you can only go down every other totem in heroic mode.

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    We tried the addon and ended up thinking it's not working so well. For us the problem seemed to be that it would suggest assignments at the time the totem spawned, and then a lot of the time new voodoo dolls would go out straight after and we couldn't follow it anyways.

    The way we did it is just set prios; a healer who first if he can, then rest, then hybrids on healing duty, and dps more or less just call "I'm going". Was a bit messy at start but pretty smooth now, then again we overgear it by so much now that could probably do whatever and still kill it.

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    The addon works very good in our 10m HC. Be sure to do a role check and have everyone select one as we had a problem with that once.

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    Our raidlead does that perfectly

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    We use it for 25M and it has worked very well for us. But occasionally (as someone else mentioned) it will do assignments right before a voodoo-doll change. It's not really avoidable, and the addon will put out a warning as well, something along the lines of "Voodoo doll change incoming - totem targets may be invalidated". You just have to adjust to that as you would adjust to it if you were doing it manually without the addon.

    The addon will also pick hybrid spec's capable of healing if there is no healer available due to Frail Soul or Voodoo Doll. It should also make note of this in the raid warning, something like "<Name> (Off-spec heals)". Again, still something you'd have to deal with even without the addon.

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