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    Someone here that has own business but still raiding lots?

    I would love to hear your experiences about how you manage it around.
    Own business or an independent job that you are the only one that manages. You are the authority.

    Having own business and you still raiding a lot kinda hardcore with your guild. How do you manage it?
    I bloodly love raiding, but am kinda afraid to start it.
    Because from my experience, when I did my hardcore raiding back on the time of starting Cataclysm and at Vanilla when I did Blackwing Lair with 40 man. It did require my a lot preparing and thoughts to keep going on with the raiding group. You know "Perfecting your rotations, searching best items, preparations, managing your social contacts with guild members and many more."

    And having own business require exactly same thing.
    Would love to hear your stories how you did manage it around. Please share it, I think it is interesting for everyone to hear your story.

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    One of my uncles who turned 40 last year used to play a lot of CoD and other games. He started his own business and hasn't turned on his Console in months. I had a guild mate from the UK with a demanding job (leading seminars, higher in the ladder, etc). He was falling asleep during raids.

    I don't think they mix well.

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    One of my ex-officers in an ex-guild had his own company while raiding 5 days x 4 hours a week, plus playing outside of raids and altraids and such. I don't know what kinda business it was but he seemed to have a lot of freedom. Don't know if it was stressful for him or not, in terms of piling stuff up and having to do tons of stuff at a time.
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    I would imagine that whilst setting up the business you'll need to put in a lot of hours, far more than a regular job. Once it's set up and stable though, you can then choose your own hours, so that'll work nicely with hardcore raiding.

    So in other words: at first, nope, not a chance of hardcore raiding whilst setting it up. Once it's set up though? Should work well. Unfortunately I can't provide any advice on how to actually achieve this, beyond proper time management and strong willpower. Knowing when you need to work and when you need to have time off to relax, that sort of thing.

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    That would really depend on what kind of company you have I suppose.
    Just like with any other job, some people have more time, some people have less. Only difference is that you are only responsible to yourself, which mean that you can make your own planning. That means that having time for raiding can either me easier, or harder compared to having a normal 9-5 job.

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