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    Ally with 423 million hp pet.

    I saw an alliance player in Kun Lai Summit just now with a mounted NPC that followed him around named 7th legion Champion. The NPC had over 400 million HP and attacked his target when in combat. Not sure how much damage it was doing but ...


    Is there a horde version of this npc? Where to get it please.

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    No, there isn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    No, there isn't.
    That's pretty lame, you sure?

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    That's obviously.... Horde... favoritism.... right?

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    Sounds like a glitch. He might have been dragged up from Krasarang.

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    Horde have the equivalent as Garrosh. I didn't think they followed you outside of Krasarang, but by what you have described they do.


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    Seems like the generic for Varian Wrynn, kinda like when someone has a shado-pan ally, it shows up as generic, rather than one of the named champions from the camp.

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    Well i just read up on it. Apparently when you have the npc out you see it as either Wrynn for alliance, or Garrosh for horde... But OTHERS see the npc as 7th legion champ or Korkron Bodyguard.

    I completed this quest. Is there a way to get it again? or is it a one time deal.


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