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    4p bonus vs 300 agility

    I'm looking for an advice, I'm not sure whether should I pick 300 agility over 4p bonus. Waterborne shoulderguards and Raven Lord's Gloves give me almost 300 agility, but I'd lose 4p bonus.

    I did also some testing on dummies, but the damage was almost the same (25M.43 with and 25.39M without bonus), but I didn't try it out in raid yet.

    This is my armory - I play BM as my main spec.

    Thank you!^^

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    4 pc. hands down for BM. It is THE best set bonus that ever existed ever for the spec. It is amazing. For more definitive values use this (i'm surprised you're not familiar with it already):

    Load your toon and then substitute the off pieces for the tier pieces.

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    4pc without a doubt, especially for BM.

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    However if you are Survival, the 4 set is worth ~1000 dps or so. Agility is worth roughly 4 DPS per point. So 300 Agility would give 1200 DPS.

    Based on my latest sims.
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    yup around 497-499 ilvl range 300 agi is ~1200 DPS whereas the 4pc for BM gives about ~2500 DPS. More than double. So unless you gain ~600 agi atleast, it's not worth it to lose the 4pc. Again, as BM.

    When you switch to SV for AoE/Multi Target fights, i'd go with the off pieces for the extra 300 agi. Since you won't be able to fully utilize the 4 pc in a non single target fight, so the actual value of the 4 pc would drop even more. 300 agi would benefit you a lot more on aoe etc.

    BM - 4 pc
    SV - 300 agi

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    I gain about 540 dps when I swap to LFR tier pieces for the 4set as BM, and lose quite abit as Survival.

    Not sure if that's worth constantly having to swap gear for me considering how many fights you actually play Survival on.

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