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    Quote Originally Posted by Halland View Post
    By that logic arms should be bad as well.
    to dps in pve, an arms warr can go fury? and spriest rerolls? your logic holds no value
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    That wasn't his point. Looking at charts like that and saying "look at that, priests suck at dps" and trying to use that as a pvp excuse doesn't work because arms warriors are also hella low on that list. Even still, arms is amazing in pvp because of other factors, and priests can be too. His logic and point had nothing to do with what you can do in PvE but rather someone else pointing to raid charts as an excuse for poor pvp performance (when one of the top 2 current pvp dps spec is just as low).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Regen View Post
    He did link his armory and gave a little of what happened. But spriest is far from the most OP cloth. And clearly you have not played against a non-braindead arms warrior in MoP yet.

    And at that, he did kill the warrior in the end. I'm doubting you read anything in the thread.
    Yo Regen..chillax man...its just that i cant access armory from my work as everything is blocked.

    However, i know he did kill him in the end but it wasn't so easy when it shouldn't been.

    As for the stupid locks chaos bolt u can easily see it flying to you! Shield? POM it? become untargetyable?

    What i meant by SPriests are the most OP class at the moment is because they have the most utility and tricks. I have seen duels and played against geared warriors it aint an easy game i admit. but i believe and what from what ive seen, Spriest can kill anything. Sadly we are not going to in 5.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizzor View Post
    Warriors are not a big issue imo, even before they got nerfed me and a mage got 2x warrs in an arena game and they loled all over my magefriend and then ended up being soloed by me when they both had like 100% hp. Warlocks and Hunters can on the other hand be really annoying
    Totally agree!

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    As for the stupid locks chaos bolt u can easily see it flying to you! Shield? POM it? become untargetyable?

    it? become untargetyable? <--- what? wehn u see the giant green skull o'doom you've already beeing hitted, u just waiting for the travel time oO (and the damage to pop, the hit?check already passed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenobaal View Post
    As Spriest you'll lose to rogues, warriors, hunters and dks if they've got the same itmlvl and skill, period.
    Shadow priests only lose to warriors and DKs, even more like 40% win 60% loss.

    Shadow priests are the direct counter class to rogues and hunters. Dispersion/Fear > stun/stealth and Dots > hunters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deschim View Post
    Then wat do you advise... to get away from a warrior?
    im rooting them fearing them trying disperse to get away.
    and where should i get the shadow orb from to have a disarm?? evry mb i want to cast im getting stunned, interupted, etc. etc...
    When you're fighting a warrior, pre-bubble and bubble on cooldown. Pop Spectral Guise and/or Fade to avoid the initial charge and you avoid the 3s stun. Most warriors will be like WTF? and run into melee range. Pop your fears with Psyfiend since Berserker Rage is 30s CD and 10s duration. Always pop your casted spells (VT/MB) immediately after a fear, there's a good chance you'll get it off. If they Berserker Rage + Trinket, then 1 orb Disarm. Void Tendrils absolutely destroy melee (especially warriors) but most people run with Psyfiend. Dispersion the shockwave/throwdown/etc. When you get Shadow locked, put up PoM/Renew and chain spam Flash Heal. If you get holy locked, pop fear. If you're pro, you can juke the interrupts. Also make sure to get your Shadow Orbs up and Vamp Embrace + 3 orb DP + FDCL + DI. Make sure you execute hard during Second Wind. Warriors are tougher, but you can definitely win if you start out in an advantageous situation (3 orbs, PWS/PoM/Renew up before encounter).
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    Im honestly surprised at some comments in the thread. Spriests, after the nerfs mages took, are easily the strongest PVP caster as a whole. The only thing a Spriest can't do well is kite. Everything else - fear/disarm/voidshift/tendrils - is very potent. Offheals, even post nerf, are the best among hybrids and still manageable (dont complain till you play the other hybrids).

    Don't get be wrong, It'll be horrible in 5.2 after the burst and utility nerfs. But as of 5.0-5.1, Spriests are the reason why God comp is called God comp. The Fmage exists mostly to assist the spriest with kills.

    Also the argument that Spriest is a poor PVE DPS and therefore a poor PVP spec is an extremely flawed argument. /smh

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