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    My group is just learning HC Will 10m... suggestions on stategy plz?

    Dps would burn down the first two rages and I would switch the strength that then comes out which I would kill and then soak the spark from that with Anti Magic Shell and Blood Presence after getting healed up. We were having our mage use double ice block talent to soak some. Shadow priest with dispersion. Monk healer with his CDs. Our dps was quite shitty these pulls since we were fumbling the mechanics alot.

    We don't have a rogue or hunter so its harder for us to soak the sparks.

    Any ideas based on our logs and this info about how we could do the fight better?


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    We spent a few hours last night on this encounter and killed will fairly easy, the problem was to get the soaking right.
    We used a Hunter and a spriest as main soakers and used a feral druid and a mage as a backup soaking team, we killed each wave rather than killing one, then cc, then killing 4, at first we messed aroud until we found a tactic that worked for us, good luck!

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    The best way to do it is going to be to sit down, figure out each of your cooldowns (also how many sparks at a time they can soak with each) and the cooldowns of each person's cooldown.
    The DK will be able to soak the strengths. Mages can blink out of the orbs to avoid all damage, but this will only work with one at a time. Locks can use their 50% damage reduction for one, and the bubble they get that staggers the damage into a dot afterwards (getting hand of purity from your prot pally would help healers out, but he'd need to be able to get in range of him). Its going to be a rotation between your Spriests' dispersion and the rest of your raids cooldowns.

    With your raid comp, i think your best option is going to be CC'ing a set of rages and killing 4 at a time when your priest's dispersion is up. This can get very chaotic, but it seems you lack a 2nd soaker for the rages.

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    Using a Death knight in blood specc and full stamina gems works really well for my group, he takes almost all the sparks by himself it's only the spark from the courages our mage takes

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    We did our first kill with an alt rogue in 460ilvl stamina gear/flask/enchants soak all the sparks. He did 10k dps. It makes everyone else's life so much easier.

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    tanks: paladin, monk
    healers:monk, shaman
    dps: warlock, frost dk, enh shaman, boomkin, spriest, mage

    warlock - dark bargain, unending resolve, dark apotheosis, twilight ward
    frost dk - glyphed AMS, switch to blood presence
    enh shaman - astral shift
    boomkin - displacer beast, might of ursoc, switch to bear form, barkskin, symbiosis: cloak of shadows, AMS
    spriest - glyphed dispersion
    mage - iceblock, blink, cauterize/greater invisibilty (if you get cauterize I think timing a good temporal shield will pretty much heal you up so you won't die due to the dot afterwards)

    1st Wave
    2nd Wave
    1:15 Downtime
    3rd Wave
    1:15 Downtime

    For the second wave on if you are using the CC method (note you will actually be killing 4 rages the first time since the last group is CCed from the first phase):
    2 rages - spriest(dispersion)
    1 strength - warlock
    2 rages - mage blink
    1 courage - boomkin
    2 rages (CC)
    1 strength - frost dk

    For the second wave on if you are NOT using the CC method:
    2 rages - spriest(dispersion)
    1 strength - warlock
    2 rages - mage blink
    1 courage - boomkin
    2 rages - monk healer/ice block/frost dk
    1 strength - frost dk

    Apart from getting a hunter or rogue, this leaves your group with weak soakers. You are however not weak at all on CC so I would suggests going the CC route. For the first wave, I would recommend having your group kill off the sparks because your cooldowns won't be up for the second wave of adds.

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    We had our boomkin respec gaurdian and 3 tanked it with the druid soaking almost every spark. Far and away the easiest way to do the fight. Below is a link to our first kill from his PoV he is in half boomkin half agi gear and just stacked pure stam i believe he had 728K health buffed and flasked, the checkmark shows when he can safely soak a spark. He eats a spark when he wasn't healed up but we still got the kill

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