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    Heroic Protectors, Fire Blast won't always spread?

    Started progression on Heroic Protectors tonight. Noticed my fire blast was not always spreading my Living Bomb. Has anyone else encountered this? I was able to figure out that it only refused to spread if I reapplied Living Bomb to my target just before the last tick. Sometimes it WOULD spread, but it was never consistent (it seemed to be maybe a 25% success rate) and I ended up wasting the global when it wouldn't spread. The only way I could be sure it would was to let Living Bomb completely fall off before reapplying and then Fire Blasting. I thought maybe my bomb tracker just wasn't picking it up, but my dps improved greatly when I decided to let Living Bomb run it's full course before reapplying.

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    Here's the expression editor of my Living Bombs and Fire Blasts for one of our pulls before I started letting Living Bomb fall off before reapplying.


    Sometimes it reports Elder Regail and Elder Asani being afflicted by Living Bomb after a Fire Blast and sometimes it doesn't. I'm still pretty new to the expression editor (it seriously took me 20 minutes to figure out how to get it to show me this), so I'm not certain, but does this confirm my suspicion? That it's not always spreading?

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    Yes I've gotten the same problem, it's not only on protectors though. If you apply LB before the last tick like you said, just wait a couple second before fire blasting, should fix the problem for you.

    I believe it has something to do with the initial spread of LB which will be ticking a second or 2 behind the first mobs LB, and therefore will drop off the target a bit later then the main LB. You can see in the log you're trying to spread the new LB before the old LB has fallen off the other 2 bosses. So yeh, just cast an extra spell after applying the LB.
    [19:37:22.911] Protector Kaolan's Living Bomb is refreshed by Caladriel
    [19:37:22.984] Caladriel Living Bomb Protector Kaolan 19065
    [19:37:23.421] Caladriel Living Bomb Protector Kaolan *157036*
    [19:37:23.421] Caladriel Living Bomb Elder Regail *157036*
    [19:37:23.421] Caladriel Living Bomb Elder Asani 76231
    [19:37:23.892] Caladriel casts Fire Blast on Protector Kaolan
    [19:37:24.092] Caladriel Fire Blast Protector Kaolan *119733*
    [19:37:24.171] Caladriel Living Bomb Elder Asani *36302*
    [19:37:24.171] Caladriel's Living Bomb fades from Elder Asani
    [19:37:24.171] Caladriel Living Bomb Elder Regail 17622
    [19:37:24.171] Caladriel's Living Bomb fades from Elder Regail
    Sorry if I was a bit confusing lol.
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    I assumed their Living Bombs would function the same as your current target. Spreading it before their last tick would refresh it. Does it not work like that?

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    No it hasn't in a long time, probably due to latency.

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    Well. I wonder how I've gone so long without even realizing. Thanks for the help.

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