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View Poll Results: What is the secret big feature for MoP gonna be?

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  • Chapters - allows people to "phase into" Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK/Cata

    25 9.69%
  • model updates

    115 44.57%
  • all legendaries become upgradable

    10 3.88%
  • 40-man raids return

    6 2.33%
  • 10 man / 25 man raid design from WOTLK returns

    25 9.69%
  • PvP on flying mounts

    8 3.10%
  • dance studio

    18 6.98%
  • player housing

    51 19.77%
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    Herald of the Titans Strafer's Avatar
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    Hmm...I want all of those.

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    Have I missed something? Where did they say anything about a big secret?

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    Herald of the Titans velde046's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djaye View Post
    none of the above...

    it will be CRR imho (cross realm raiding), allowing people to raid current end game content with other players of the same faction from other servers. this will allow guilds to merge cross realms, allow low pop servers a wider player base to fill out their raids, and give 10 and 25 man groups a much, much larger player base to recruit from (since server transfers will not be needed). throw in cross realm guild perks and this could be huge.
    If anything, it will be this. It would make sense because it's the next step on the path Blizzard started...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    None of them. Instead:

    Cross-Realm Pet Battles!

    pet battles are cross realm, just a sucky queue population.

    on topic: cross realm ah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyc View Post
    Have I missed something? Where did they say anything about a big secret?
    From the front page news:

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    Mechagnome Ruderic's Avatar
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    I voted model updates, not because I think that's it, but because it's one of the things I most wanted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    From the front page news:

    Ty, I just saw it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by kassy View Post
    pet battles are cross realm, just a sucky queue population.

    on topic: cross realm ah.
    A shame that pet battles are all anonymous. Even the character model of the opposing player is fake. It was a major letdown after realising it.

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    just a thought, isnt proving grounds brawlers arena?

    If I do make some gear improvements, I’ll probably want to hit the new Proving Grounds. They’re like lored-up solo instances that make trying out my rotations a lot more fun since I can chase achievements.
    not so much lored-up solo instance per se, but it's not far from.

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    The Patient nulir's Avatar
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    None of those.

    Almost all aren't really features such as model updates or are terrible such as 40man raiding.

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    The Lightbringer Buutch's Avatar
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    Wheres the "none of the above" option?!

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    Immortal Frozen Death Knight's Avatar
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    Whatever it may be, it is definitely none of the above. My guess is that it will be another system that helps improve the quality of life in the game. Considering that we have CRZ now, I think Blizzard are going to look into cross-realm stuff some more, since it introduces some new possibilities.

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    Immortal UnifiedDivide's Avatar
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    Quite obviously not model updates... shouldn't even be a poll option. GC said they hadn't announced it yet. They announced they were doing the models ages ago. Also, it would be "they" as opposed to "it".

    Player housing and the dance studio are just a waste of dev time. A dance studio?! Are people still really on this? Clamour for crap like that then complain about them not spending the time on end game... as usual...

    Personally, I'm leaning toward actually having the ability to send heirlooms from server to server finally.
    Sometimes updated...

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    Actually, I don't think any of the above. Somehow i'm still leaning more towards crossrealm mail system.

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    Dreadlord Rayndorn's Avatar
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    I'm hoping for updated models. But imagine if GC actually has nothing planned, and instead delibrately said what he did to get ideas from the community? O.o
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    Field Marshal shandi235's Avatar
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    Well at first I wanted to go with character models but then I remembered it was said that this "new feature" wasn't announced yet.

    Weren't character models kind of announced?

    I'm gonna go with Player Housing but then again I really don't know :B
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    Herald of the Titans Deathgoose's Avatar
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    Nothing on that list really seems likely, other than the updated player models, but I don't expect those until 6.0.

    So, I voted for Dance Studio, since they've had, what, 2+ expacs to work on it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmekiel View Post
    Actually, I don't think any of the above. Somehow i'm still leaning more towards crossrealm mail system.
    They said that technology would take a very long time to iron out and wouldn't be ready in MoP. They've been deliberately dodgy on the matter of player model updates. "You'll know when they are ready". Then again they have sorta "announced it" by acknowledging its under development.

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    None from the above. Cross-Faction Grouping.

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    The models are the only ones that make a bit sense, even though they are already announced, I think they'll save that for the next expansion. Therefore I'm going to say non of the above.

    Should it be something as ridiculous as player housing or the dance studio, I will personally torch Blizzard HQ. Such a waste of development time.

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