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    Question about the insane title(not a question about the simultaneous rep)

    So I've been reading a lot of forums and now I am really confused, do you need BSB rep to exalted as well?

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    No just honored.
    Shen'delar got removed.
    As did the need to have BSB honored at the same time as exalted with the 4 goblin factions.
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    mmkay thanks for clearing that up

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    You may as well get BSB rep to Exalted though for the total reputations at Exalted achievement(s). I know that by MoP at the lastest it's been possible to grind Booty Bay Bruisers to Exalted and by the time you even get Honored with BSB, you'll be 0/36000 with the goblin reps.

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